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Monday, July 31, 2006

Nearing the End of the Shield Line, more This and That

We’ll first they burned the flag, oh my! Then they burned pictures oh my! We’ll then in a show of strength they went through civilians didn’t they? And then to show more strength they went through woman didn’t they? And now they are showing their ultimate strength and have moved to what I fell is the last shield available to them, children, and they can go no further down the human chain, that’s it, its over.

Human shields will always be a “news” opportunity for the Old Liberal Mindset channeled through the Old Noise Machine we all know that and that’s OK because fewer and fewer people care about what those outlets spew. One thing that does worry me about this though is that one day the terrorist might realize that no one cares about CNN anymore, AP, Reuters, old dated and worthless communication channels watched only by people not in the know or people desperate for a news outlet.

So once again a certain liberal mindset(s) fostered by the usual suspects useful idiot crowd needs to be taught that age old lesson, WAR IS HELL, and using children is not new, is not the end of the world, its simply a tool used by the ruthless to control the idiot liberal mind. End of line.

Never ending themes;

1) Alcohol in abundance has no friends, newest inductee, Mel Gibson.
2) Liberal politician trying to legal their way to victory, yawn, except this time in Mexico.
3) France goes to war against USA, tries to stop USA Cyclist domination in the Tour De France.
4) Weather too warm in SUMMER=Global warming, too many Hurricanes=Global Warming, not enough Tornados=not enough data.
5) The Nations Capital, most liberal people and laws=being over run by crime.

Have a good one…

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