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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

One Supreme Circus and a sad driver story…

Finally, finally the clowns have gone too far and many people are calling them on it and finally, finally, they had to apologize. Sometimes the clowns scare the little kids and the ring master has to step in and say, oops were sorry. And today the non-stop harassment, abuse, personal attacks, and continuing attack on his gender (was it his decision to replace O’Conner? I think not) caused the wife to break down and excuse herself to regroup. The attackers are so weak in content and delivery that the need to “act” overcomes them and they forget that this is being televised for the entire world to see, FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE!

As I’ve said before about the “Ruling Class”, how low can they go, how low can they go… to see a bunch of little boys in suits insult the man enough that his wife starts to cry, cry damn it, don’t these “LITTLE MEN” have any heart, didn’t they have MOTHERS? I rarely get this pissed but if they keep attacking Mom’s their asking for it, this is America and men like me won’t put up with it, understand little boys?????

Alright, alright, a break from the circus to discuss my drive into work today, it was classic and typical LA (so cal).

Were in bumper to bumper expand and contract traffic with max speed being 5-10 mph and every couple hundred yards a stop for a few seconds, typical morning commute on the Ventura freeway. And everyday we have a special type of driver who thinks that by constant lane changing they will get ahead, and so they try over and over and over…

One caught my eye this morning and my attention for a couple of miles because he was in an over-sized Land Yacht, he had a couple of hate Bush stickers (the kind thought of by children, negative and petty), and he was so determined, hard on the gas, hard on the brakes, jamming the Land Yacht into tight spots to pick up that oh so precious 15 feet of pavement. He was on my left, then my right, fast lane to slow lane, searching, searching for the “way to get ahead” lane that must be there for him, it just must be.

I have no doubt he felt secure that his always focused mind and positive “words” would result in the lane to freedom that awaits all good thinkers! He was surely pro environment, pro peace, pro choice, pro himself, and was always on message regardless of the situation. After all he had places to go, people to see, and things to do and I’m sure he couldn’t understand why all of us little people just don’t get out of his way!! Surely he thought we should know, somehow, someway, just who he was and how important he was, surely we must.

Well he was a bobbing and a weaving for ten minutes or so and making no progress over dull me just bopping along in the middle lane, when we had a minor break on the far right lane and he jammed that baby into the far right lane and floored it, for a second or two I lost him as the off-ramp to a big street cleared the freeway for a couple of hundred yards and I smiled as he probably travels this way everyday and surely he knows (with the always on mind of his!) a big off-ramp is always followed by a… you guessed it, a big ON-Ramp, with, you guessed it, a onslaught of cars jamming into his lane, aww poor baby, as I bopped on by and lost him in my rearview mirror he reminded me of some famous words, its not what you say that counts, its what you do, think about it, OK?

Have a good one…

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