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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Finally, A Commission we can all get behind to stay in Front!!

A letter to the President,

Mr. President, although the thought of another commission turns my stomach (in ways un-mentionable in print) and usually wastes a lot of tax payers dollars on blowhards who provide no useful information or actions post commission I think we have an opportunity to have a real Nation Wide debate, who knows it may even go global with the Special Forces Blogger’s (SFB) on the case.

Commission Scope: To develop a plan to deal with Iran’s or any Nation who is headed towards Nuclear Armament.

Rules of Engagement: No fees will be paid to anyone for their efforts, ( except travel, lodging, and meals) people will be donating their time for one of the most important missions ever under taken and one that might need to be repeated in the future until Nuclear Armament is no longer a problem.

All meetings, work group sessions, conversations, ALL information, will be recorded and made available on the Internet no later than the end of each day.

Two reports will be produced, a vote will be held for all American Citizens and one for all elected officials, the elected official’s votes will be done in their appropriate public meeting place and recorded on the Internet for all to see.

The Reports must be less than 50 pages with no more than 20 pages of appendixes and the accompanying plans of action must each be less than 50 pages with no more than 20 pages of appendixes.

The report with the most votes will be unilaterally accepted by all Americans, their will be no dissenting position after the vote is complete and the winner chosen. US citizenship will be revoked; WILL BE, for any American who cannot abide by this. Either we are scared to death of this threat or not.

Statement of Work: Build two panels, one consisting of the Nations leading Critics on the war with Iraq, and one who support the war on IRAQ. The panels cannot have more than 20 people and each person can have no more than 2 on staff. Panel members will be nominated and voted on via the Internet.

You need to select a strong leader-manager to drive the process and I am available if you need me.

Each panel is to hold public meetings daily, including weekends (assuming this is important enough) until their final report is available to the American public and these meetings will be broadcast on live TV every day.

The report will include a very specific plan to address Nation(s) proceeding to Nuclear Armament. This plan starts with verbal warnings and ends with Military action and must include specific time limits before the next level of penalty is imposed. If’s, and’s, or but’s are not allowed.

Note: Detection of a Nation proceeding to Nuclear Armament can come from any Nation willing to stand up at the UN and accuse another Nation of doing this with proof of some type. The accused Nation must immediately submit to an on-site inspection or face our plan, period.

Each panel member will sign off on their report indicating complete acceptance of its contents.

Conclusion: The action plan will be made legal by the Congress and signed off by you sir.

You said you wanted change in the Government and I say here’s your chance. Make it public, make everyone TAKE A STAND, A FIRM STAND, and let’s ensure we are UNITED as a Nation, again assuming we are scared of this threat. I ask you Mr. President, are we scared? If yes then let’s get in front of this.

Thanks for your consideration.

Sincerely, Marc

Note: I understand that from a US defensive position I expect our government to have a secret plan to deal with an attack and that is not covered by this process.

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