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Monday, January 16, 2006

Ah the Sounds of Supreme Being Silence

Can you here the sound of silence? The main act of the circus is over, the biscuits have been earned, and now we wait for the last hurrah as the animals do the circle march.

The “opposition” appears to only be concerned when the Old Noise Machine is around to broadcast their talking points and Faux emotions. It’s just like a traveling Circus, they stop somewhere, set-up shop, entertain the locals, and then move on to the next. Instead of towns insert special interests groups and instead of locals insert the faithful who are willing to pay for an ‘entertainment’ performance as opposed to something of substance in return.

Kind of like the Vegas line, oh your not gambling, your ‘entertaining’ yourself with your money! Right, that’s it, entertainment value versus some level of return, Brilliant!

Have a nice day…

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