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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Race Heaven

It gets so tiring seeing the usual suspects, Clingons, Helafonte, Dullton, Jacksumone, etc. use the image and cover of a great man to rant and rave for what amounts to money and power and not always in that order. As I have written about many times before the race Economy must be stopped and “race relations” must be replaced with People relations. Listen to Morgan and Bill for the truth and listen to the others for hatred and projection.

It’s up to you, YOU, to believe that nature created all people equal and that color is nothing but an environmental reflection and has NOTHING TO DO WITH LIFE, unless of course you need a crutch or a way to incite hatred.

Hatred is for the weak and the angry, try and rise above, life will reward you for your efforts, hate only brings more hate, think about it…

Have a good one…

Posted by Marc at 08:15 PM  ·  Marc