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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Human Information Machine Ramping Up

If you look back in time you see some really interesting times occur around the same time as a major expansion in Human Information capability occurs. As the Internet information system takes over inter-human mass communication processes we are currently able to See, Participate, and record a really interesting time as it happens, how cool is that!!

It’s now clear that the old mass information systems will hang on for awhile but their days of influence are numbered and whether they can morph or whether they succumb to the change will be fun to watch. I am constantly amazed that living institutions (which means any institution driven by living humans!) have such a hard time morphing until ones realizes that most of the livings institutions are driven by rules long since outdated and not by the people currently in the drivers seat(s). Without the ability to adapt we would still be running fast from varmints looking for dinner!!

The Human collective mindset is a force that can’t be modeled today since we barely understand it in its individual form, the idea of mass inter-connection is truly a 4 dimensional problem of the future, but not that far into the future. The constant explosion in mass people inter-connected communication capabilities brings with it the opportunity to start the mapping process of the collective mindset(s) and with that the process of management can begin.

As is often heard in Management 101 work or school, if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it. As we look at some of the entry level forays into groupings of mass interconnect we see services like Yahoo and Google blazing some interesting yet still primitive trails and we will see more services like that in the years to come. They are limited though in presentation and in inter-connective-ness so the morphing will need to grow beyond today’s presentation capabilities, bandwidth constrains, and primitive entry processes (like typing!!).

We’ll talk more about this in the coming weeks as we delve into mass interaction, technology morphing, and measurement-management of the greatest of Nature’s accomplishments, the human mind.

Have a good one!!!

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