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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Supreme Silliness

Well it doesn’t take them long to prove me right does it? As soon as the Supreme Circus starts all other news is sent to the background. The “other” news can’t be as important as a person who sits on the Supreme Court because the legal system runs our country, end of line.

Need proof beyond the event pushing everything to the background in the media huh? OK I will make is simple for you by just asking you to try and answer a few questions, OK?

1) Which far left org is not spending all of it’s time on this?
2) Which far right org is not spending all it’s time on this?
3) Which center left of center right org is not spending all of their time on this?
4) How much “blog space” is being devoted to this?
5) Etc….

I could go on but I hope your answers clarify things for you!

Now the other keen insight is the attacks are going right on queue and right on script, we start with the pre-information BS, move on to the Senate “who can look stupidest” contest, then all the Senators get to read the questions given to them by their trainers, just like in the Circus!! How cool is that and you know they perform well because their sponsors tell you so all day every day!! I love the next part where the nominee answers the questions and the Senators stare blankly forward until their aid tells them to read the next question, and on, and on, and on.., again this is being televised and I thought we weren’t into TORTURE!!!

The final act in the circus is the “vote” where the elephants pay for the peanuts and the donkeys pay for the hay, BRILLANT!!! The “votes”, like our elections, our known by most before they are cast, how cool is that!!! And then they tally via super secret ballot counters and broadcast to all. The wrap up scene is classic circus, each of the donkeys and elephants dancing one last time in a circle for the audience seeking cheers and praise for their hard hard work, the audience goes wild as the colorful animal’s parade by primping and preening all the way…

Stay cool…

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