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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Child rape and the Defenders

When I think about the most violent actions people do to people Child Rape has to be at or near the top, PERIOD. No excuses exist, no cover story can work, you can't spin that level of evil, you just can't... yet the Elites are trying, simply amazing, beyond belief but then...

So a few questions;

The Dave Letterman child rape "joke" was bad enough because he didn't realize it was wrong to say it, what was he thinking?

NOW didn't stand up to Letterman or now to Polanski, if they aren't for protecting the girls, what are they thinking?

France stands up for this guy, is rape of 13 y/o's legal over there? What are they thinking?

"High profile old men Hollywood elites" think he's the one being treated wrong not what happened to the 13 y/o, what are they thinking?

If you don't think this act rates as one of the most violent things a person can do to another person, what are you thinking?

Only two answers, clearly evil or your not thinking, choose your side...

Posted by Marc at 01:15 PM  ·  Marc