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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wondering into the Middle East

First clarification, WE WON the WAR in IRAQ, the only process occurring now is the US trying to help the Iraqi people set up a government VOTED by the PEOPLE, not by RULERS. Freedom is only Free where FREE WILL rules, get it!

Second Clarification, “bad�? sections of IRAQ are no worse than some US cities, in fact I would say some US cities make “bad�? Iraq cities seem tame. If you use the Old Noise Machine (MSM) metrics and substitute police for soldier you would find this to be true. Hey Senator Kerry, Congressman Murtha, et al, want to walk with me in a few parts of NYC and Los Angeles at midnight on a Saturday night? Better be packing some serious firepower if you expect to make it out in one piece.

Third Clarification, the Middle East will not be ready for peace until information flow is transparent like most of the rest of the world, sans Cuba, China, US College campuses, and other communist countries (notice a trend there??). As the info flow accelerates the radical ness of the leaders there must also accelerate to compensate for people wondering why they have to put up with radical leaders whom kill without regard or remorse, whom require they live in poverty, whom require they serve or be destroyed, or to put it more simply ask humans to give up what they can’t, FREE WILL!

Fourth Clarification, clowns of spoiled rotten US Senators, European Socialists, Global Banana heads (think Gore and Clinton), Rich old white men (think Soros, Turner, etc), and failed Global Institutions like the U.N. will never be able to “bring�? peace to that region. EVER…

Final Clarification (for now), the information explosion is already creating havoc for the leaders of that area, if you do anything, help flow the info and watch the power of Nature’s Free Will kick some you know what baby!!!

Have a good one…

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