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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

“Birth Gap” between Right and Left

Well what a surprise we have discovered yet another gap between the left and right. And what a bigger surprise that it involves a core component of Nature, in this case reproduction of the species. Any guess which side is reproducing at a lower rate? Of course it’s the side that thinks they are above such things, they have evolved beyond Nature’s way, they are scared to have kids (scared of the commitment), and that is where the liberal mindset resides and it’s all on the left, but of course!

But those on the right should be aware, very aware. This study was done by some college types which is 90+% code for liberals. And the study was just announced to the world but I think it’s been known for a long time, at least 20-30 years now, if not longer. And I know your asking, where’s the proof?

So you want proof huh? You came to the right place, the place that says actions speak louder than words, and that even includes liberals. And this is beyond the obvious trend by the Democratic Party to find new voters via illegal immigration, felon voting act, dead people voting act, hatred of any voting identity proof act, this is about mind control and indoctrination!

So what do the liberals do to fight this problem, they target children which increasingly means someone else’s children. And the proof, well whom controls the schools from pre-kindergarten to post doc? Whom controls the youth music business? The children’s TV networks? Whom controls the teen and younger movie business? Well it’s the liberals of course, in fact they dominate the above areas and that is why you must be concerned because I guarantee they are thinking as long as they can control your kids why do they need their own! Think about it and be scared, very scared…

Have a nice day…

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