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Friday, August 25, 2006

Gollywood, I know I shouldn’t because it’s too easy, but,…

Picking on Gollywood is usually same ole same ole except once in awhile the fantasy people show their true colors and it’s kinda fun to point it out to those whom might not know it. And in this case we are talking about Tom Cruise.

So let me see if I have this right, here’s a guy that spends his entire life “acting out”, “role playing”, being someone whom he’s not, whom on any given day might not know who he is so he can play his role better, and in real life he starts “acting out” like he might be a bit off his rocker and all of a sudden they need to out him, dump him, and call him names, how cool is that!!

The key thing to understand in all of this is not that an actor “acts” a bit crazy because if that was an issue you have to lock the majority of them up, I mean we have the Fonda-Streisand duo whom “act” like they have something intelligent or relevant to say about world affairs, we have the Warren Beatty and George Clooney duo whom “act” like they know politics, we have the Michael Moore and Ted Turner duo whom “act” like they are important people with important messages, and in reality they must be nuts to believe anyone thinks they possess anything but celebrity status and money.

The bottom line is that liberals will eat their own if you don’t conform, why do you think they side with communists, dictators, Radical Muslins, you either toe the line, act as your told, belief the common belief, or you will be fed to the sharks… Makes you want to be a liberal doesn’t it!!!

Have a good one…

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