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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Roberts Balloon

Well now that we have the Roberts Supreme Being nomination Circus in full presentation mode I suspect the nation’s Real Circus’s have to take a back seat to watch this show. The main difference between the two types of Circus’s is clearly in their purpose, a normal Circus is about getting people to laugh and be happy, the Political Circus is all about ones self and ones base.

My own opinion is clear; the Senate arm of the House of Representatives is the most bloated, archaic, self-focused bunch of clowns on the planet. All of these clowns, on both sides, are just like news readers (Rather, Jennings, Brokaw, etc.) where someone else does the research, polls drive the positioning, donor groups drive the messaging, and some junior kid does the grammar.

They sit in front of the TV and pretend to know the substance of what they read, they pretend to be concerned at the moments they are told to be concerned, and they are directed by a political “producer”.

So this is what the Senate has been reduced too, a bunch of newsreaders directed by producers to play to the public (really means whomever has the money) along a scripted line. And you might ask, “well, how do you know that?”, and I would answer, just compare the prepared remarks and looks with the live comments and facial expressions and it stands out clear. It’s a common observation for all the talking head types just like the news readers.

As I’ve said before, the Senate is much less about individual states representatives and much more about national political party loyalty. What a sad thing indeed…

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