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Thursday, October 13, 2005

O’Reilly and Judges – It’s War!

Welcome to the Fight O'Reilly!

O’Reilly has been waging a one man war on judges who give wimpy sentences to people who prey on children. He squared off with an ex-BAR president from Mass. and a defense lawyer the last night two nights and cleaned their clocks. It was nice to see the Old O’Reilly return not taking BS from these clowns.

So the main case discussed was a man who admitted raping 5 young boys and who was sentenced too, hope your sitting down, 8-11 years in jail which means he will probably serve much less. Let’s simplify, 5 raped boys = less than 2 years a boy in jail.

Now that is sick and weak as they come and O’Reilly jumped all over the judge and whoever that judge is needs to be removed from her position ASAP. But its gets much weaker than that, much weaker to the point of almost being mind numbing.

Both the ex-BAR prez and the defense lawyer thought the judge did just fine and that O’Reilly was bullying the judge, get that, bullying the judge. These two clowns are poster children for what is wrong with the legal system. It is completely self-serving and has no moral compass to say the least.

Join this with the Supreme Being circus, the legal system being used to fight political opponents, State Attorney Generals whom do what they want without regard to consequences (see NY and CA for details), State legislatures implementing laws the voters voted against, etc, etc, etc.

The legal system is trying to kill our country; you need to think more about that…

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