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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

“Weakinization” and the Press, School, and Legal Attack Corps

Interesting news that some of the Presidents Supreme Being nominees decided not to accept the nomination because they didn’t want to put their families, and themselves, through the confirmation process. The process has turned into a “public stoning” effort where the “news” organizations spew lies, distortions and hatred without any regard for the truth.

The “news” organizations represent the weakest of the “weakinization” forces as they hide behind vague words and “press protection” BS that provides them a forum to destroy with minimal consequences. The only known consequence is declining revenue and that seems to not be a problem for them. As I have stated before they are not businesses anymore they are the cost of doing business for the DNC paid for by wealthy corporations run by DNC types.

The RNC side might be construed as being comprised of most talk radio, Fox, etc. But, and this is a huge but, the RNC side runs as a business and these shows make money so they cater to a large enough audience to be successful whereas the DNC side must be subsidized.

And the difference between a subsidized business model and a profit center are largely degrees of desire. Many profit centers run subsidized “businesses” for a variety of purposes, but all have a purpose. Sometimes the reason can be as simple as the person in charge says, “I want it”, and that’s that.

“News” organizations have a long and somewhat dubious history in the US and recently the truth is seeping out (thanks Rather!) that many of these “news” items are fraudulent, spin doctored, garbage, blah blah blah…

The reason this is still important, although its importance is fading very fast thank goodness, surfaces in the bigger picture of the “weakinization” of Free Will in the US. It is only through institutionalizing the spirit of weakness that Free Will can be attacked. It is only through the attack and weakening of Free Will can the US be destroyed. Our enemies have figured this out, indirectly and without true understanding, and are working hard to make it happen with their main weapons being what’s left of the “news” organizations reach and the legal system.

Let’s discuss the three main fronts used to force “weakinization” on us; news organizations, schools, and the legal system.

The schools are not much of a worry since they at best indoctrinate a very small portion of students for life while most grow up and realize the BS they heard was just that, BS.

The legal system has been under attack for sometime and they were winning this battle. I say were because they got greedy and the Free Will side has awakened and I am confident that battle will be won and we can undue some of the major BS implemented through judges. Those items should be submitted through the legislative process and voted on and enacted as the people desire.

The “news” organizations as mentioned above break down into two major groups, those that make money and therefore have viable support, and those needing to be subsidized because they have little or no viable support. Its clear which model supports Free Will and which doesn’t which is why I am sure this course is set in stone.

The truth of my argument comes in many forms but I think one speaks above all else, the more these non Free Will types cry, whine, and complain, the more I smile!

The best thing about the US is Free Will has always won the battle, regardless of the type, strategy, strength, and duration of the fight. And for that reason I will sleep well tonight but will always be on guard for the forces of “weakinization”…

Have a nice day…

BTW: Free Will knows no skin color, no age, no race, no government supported discrimination category because it is pure Nature baby, deal with it!

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