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Monday, October 17, 2005

Hatred, Politics and People

Hatred was on full display again this weekend, riots in Toledo and politics in the theater of ideas.

The Toledo riots were completely predictable and, sad to say, common place these days. The part that I find most interesting is the way the press still tries to use these riots as ways to boost sagging ratings. Having long since given up any true perspective on what should be reported on and how it should be reported, the “NEWS” clowns flock to “controversy” to dazzle their audiences with spectacular blow by blow coverage of events that are as old as the hills. It’s clear these “riots” are more publicity stunts than anything else and it’s equally true that the “old news” organizations have little else to report on anymore. How sad…

The Nobel Prize group has again demonstrated a complete lack of understanding with regards to their original mission and instead display their hatred for any political situation that doesn’t act weak, like they do. It’s really another example of what was once a great group being turned into a bunch of weak wimps endlessly obsessing about ideas long ago lost in the real world. Hatred comes in many forms and clearly hatred has triumphed over intellect with that group, how sad indeed…

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