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Monday, September 26, 2005

Fully Expected and Fully Delivered: Wrong News and MSM go Hand in Hand

Agenda driven MSM “news” agencies are hardly new news. Anyone who has access to real media knows that the old archaic MSM agencies spin doctor everything they report on to fit their predetermined mindsets. So reporting that the MSM ”news” agencies blew the Katrina and “peace march” stories should come as no surprise , fully expected and fully delivered.

In the past one would of just said “oh well” incompetent clowns getting paid to spew garbage was what the MSM did. This point fits the “peace march” stories which were generally wrong and the reporting seemed like it was coming from high school sophomores. Does anyone really care except the moon bats? I think not.

A new question has arisen though that changes that standard perception, when the MSM reporting causes problems and is clearly and without a doubt wrong, should they pay a price besides losing their credibility (what little they have left requires a microscope to see), besides losing audience share, besides losing money, besides losing their identity?

Some of the larger MSM agencies have turned to International Audiences to offset the fact that they are losing the battle in America. Some have clearly been reduced to their Kool-Aid drinker’s base and appear to be OK with that. And so I think being relegated to second tier businesses is largely complete.

I do think they should be investigated for intentionally filing wrong and even manufactured stories that resulted in efforts to rescue people and personal property being delayed and sometimes incorrectly targeted resulting in people being hurt, maybe killed, and personal property damaged or destroyed.

And finally like everyone else if they are found to have done that and damages can be proven, then they should be held responsible and not only pay whatever is deemed appropriate but also be sent to jail just like any other criminal…

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