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Friday, June 2, 2006

Freezing the Elitism Ruling Class

The Elite Ruling Class (ERC) has three missions in life, to protect their current position, to expand their scope of power, and to maintain strict separation between the little people and themselves, a super-moat if you will forever freezing the little people out.

The ERC employs many traditional means that we all know, money hording, power hording, dumbification of the little people, passing laws to protects themselves, passing laws that keep the little people down, etc… And these methods were all successful in the past as mass communication was one to one unless controlled by the ERC, like the MSM, etc.

I was listening to some analysts discuss what, if any, impact the Internet has had on the political process and they focused mainly on blogs as grass roots gathering points for like minded individuals to share emotions, donate money, band together, blah blah blah…

They like many try very hard to overlook the elephant in the window and that is the fact they cannot control the flow of information like they did in the past. Although they are trying lame laws (like they always do, see McCain – Fiengold) to address the situation in the back rooms they are scared and very worried about their own end, the end of the ERC.

I think the real reason the partisan behavior is so out of control is not so much the people involved (most useful idiots), not so much the parties separate ideas and end goals, but the fact that the “little people” now often know more than the ERC do and base their actions on that knowledge, not on the ERC’s desires.

That my fiends is why the ERC is going nuts and attacking everything, just like a drowning person, there is no difference, think about it.

Have a good one…

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