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Monday, June 5, 2006

Patriotism Freezers

Maybe you’ve heard or seen some of the non-sense passing as moral judgment lately often beginning with something like, “Well I support the troops BUT”. Like the ABU incident which was handled professionally and without political bent by the US Armed Services we have another incident in which they are trying to do the same, Haditha.

Of course the usual left liberal mob is going berserk hoping that they can use this issue to bash the fight against terrorism. Because you see if we do that then we can “freeze” terrorism in the 90’s and not be so scared of it. And even more important than that were the minor incidents when the terrorist killed the little people allowing the liberal left to look the other way. The Navy ship bombed in the 90’s was the perfect Left Liberal incident, they could say, “awww were sorry some AMERICAN troops were killed but we really do support the troops just don’t take any actions against those that killed OUR TROOPS!”

You have the perfect leader of this group, the clown congressman John M who thinks that because he was once an armed forces person he can say he supports the troops while thrashing them without regard to their safety or the cause at hand. You see since he was once a real armed forces person his Patriotism is forever “Frozen” by the liberal left now that he has joined the side of the debate who hates, who trade in hate and weakness, whom seek to destroy under the guise of Patriotism.

We must remember it is the left liberals whom are frozen in hatred and weakness, whom have only faux patriotism at their side, who feed on their on weaknesses, remember it is they whom want to run our country. If that doesn’t scare you I don’t know what will. In Nature, nothing is frozen in the past so therefore anything or anyone attempting to freeze in the past will fail, period.

Have a good one…

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