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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Some Fun n Stuff Politicking!!

Oops, Al the Goresman has decided he had better inform everyone that although he wasted tons of gas and stuff pushing his new movie that tells us little people not to waste gas, not to worry, because he went “green” in other ways to offset his abuse of gas, gee wonder whom he learned that tactic from?

Well it’s getting close to election time which means POLL-A-APLOOZA’s are everywhere. You can bet that not one major “media” entity will not have a weekly or even more frequent poll saying this or that to market to their political base.

Although most people realize the polls are nothing more than marketing hype designed to sway public opinion, they do have one useful and completely accurate component, their political bias will be in full display and you can judge them not on the forever changing spin, but on hard core facts they supply themselves.

An easy example is USA Today which oddly enough only does polls that hurt George Bush and Republicans, gee I wonder who they politically support? What’s funny is some people think that USA Today is a real newspaper, how funny is that!

California Democratic Governor race is still in its early phases but its getting brutal already and looks like it will be a battle of the haves and the have-nots.

The haves of course means you have sworn to increase taxes to pay off the Teachers Union, Police-Fire Unions, Gov Unions, etc. and if you watch or hear any news out here its Phil baby who has been bought and paid for, ah the good ole days of Grey Davis coming back to CA, how cool would that be?

This will be fun to watch and maybe the CA population might wake up and understand that the Unions run the state, not them.

Have a good one…

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