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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

News that is the “News”

So what does it take to get a missing 18 year old girl off of the National News radar? How about a 47 or so year old pedophile that happens to be famous and smart enough to pick easy victims?

The news “force” wants to be taken seriously and wants to “project” a sense of “elite” isum on one day and then on the next act like a little kid seeing a movie “star” for the first time, well which is it?

Your right if you guessed neither because all they really want is exposure and will do anything, anything, to get it. You saw these types of kids when you were growing up and you often wondered, why do they do that?

A better question today would be, why didn’t they grow up?

Posted by Marc at 09:02 AM  ·  Marc