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Friday, November 4, 2005

Rambling today....


1) Man sentenced to 8 years, yes 8 years, for stabbing sister to death in Germany because she was Islamic and fell in love with a German guy. Yes you read it right, 8 years!

2) France's Islamic love fest has finally, after all these years, brought about what it really sought, non-stop violence in the streets.

3) Britain’s outlaw Piggy banks so they won't offend Islamic's, PIGGY BANKS!!!! Hello, PIGGY BANKS!!!

4) 9th Circuit rules parents have no rights regarding what schools teach children based on narrow reading of the constitution. Funny when they decide to narrow rights!

5) Republican Senator Arnold Vinick of California (Alan Alda), ALan ALda, as a republican, A REPUBLICAN!

6) Winds farms loved by environmentalist, unless of course they are near the environmentalist Mansion!

7) Google "ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY" founders buy a 767 Jet. ENVIRONEMENTALLY friendly types reported to own more SUV's and fly more miles than rest of world population combined seems to never be noticed.

8) Madonna "steals" MTV awards show by showing up in "figure fitting" outfit to promote MOMMYHOOD! Mother arrested for having sex with 8 year old boy so apparently Madonna's influence is catching on!

9) Black politician hailed as Sambo loudly applauded by Democrats, yes DEMOCRATS think calling a black politician SAMBO is, WAY COOL!

10) Some people think Jimmy Carter has a brain and should be listened too, JIMMY CARTER HAS A BRAIN!!! A sure sign that evolution works!

11) Democrats favorite campaign events seem to be funerals and hate America events. To use a poker term, maybe a tell?

12) "Voters to Decide Election Races"--headline, Bernardsville (N.J.) News, News Flash, in case you missed it, VOTERS TO DECIDE ELECTIONS, WHATS UP WITH THAT, clearly they don't live in California!

13) "SECRET CIA AGENT" last seen doing Vanity Fair photo ops. To think all of our enemies buy sophisticated systems and people needed to run those systems instead of just reading Vanity Fair, how silly of them!

14) THE CIA sends another idiot to perform a secret mission and no one seems to think that’s a problem!

15) Colleges love "open thinking" as long as it conforms to their view of the land. Open thinking and college, how close minded can you be!

16) Bill says the Hillary would be a better president, well at least we know their wouldn't be any sex at the White House during her term.

Have a nice day!!

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