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Saturday, November 5, 2005

CA Special Election Notes, San Fran Style!!

Good Judges: Parents rights not stated in constitution so parents, tough luck!!

Bad Judges: Ones that would draw “non-Gerrymandered” congressional districts! Are they implying judges grow stupid as they grow older (see 9nth and Supreme for glaring examples)? Check the TV AD and you see “OLD WHITE MALES” looking like buffoons (what a surprise!), and making districts look like a jigsaw puzzle (which is no different than today), and finally against the backdrop of the State Of Texas because of course Texas is where Prez Bush stole elections for years before he stole the last two prez elections! Can you say “living in the 60’s”!!

Good Drug Companies: Give money to have “BLACK” groups front their prop.

Bad Drug Companies: Don’t give money to “BLACK” groups who then can’t front their prop.

Teachers Union: All goodness and always needs money.

Parents Union: Silly voters whom can’t govern themselves.

Judge Wopner Good: Ex-TV judge turned paid political operative whom we all trust, yeppers, no doubt about it!

Judge Wopner Bad: His commercial is the worst piece of junk I’ve ever seen that someone actually paid money for, FOR, FORRRRRRRRRRRR… (you have to see it to understand the ending of my thought!)

Polls Good: Are all of a sudden everywhere showing Arnold’s idea’s being overrun by Union money and support slipping, slipping, slipping… What a surprise the Noise Machine and the Ruling Class love polls they pay for!

Polls Bad: If anyone believes polls are anything but marketing tricks, your bad!

PC-ism at its best: In the Union ads all of the teachers and nurses are women and all of the firefighters and police people are male, why is that? I thought the Ca Ruling Class was totally consumed by PC-ism? How can they do such blatant type casting and sleep at night, how can they sleep at night!!!!!!!

PC-ism at its worst: Read most of above and it should be crystal clear, do as I tell you too and not as I do damn it silly human, don’t you know were the RULING ELITE!!! Send money, vote as your told, and PRAY we let you live here, OR ELSE!!!

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