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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Sweeps Month in Politics

Well it’s official, Washington has gone totally Gollywood, the Clinton Legacy is complete, at least on the Democratic side. In Politics election year October is SWEEPS month and that’s when the best of the best come out firing!

It appears the top story lines are exactly alike in Gollywood and Washington, Sex and Scandals! And sometimes you get both at once how cool is that!!! You have media machines in politics and marketing machines in Gollywood driving a BUZZ Wave that produces a huge amount of noise, scintillating sound bites, and OH MY GOSH interviews with those pesky PEOPLE ON THE STREET, you know, you and me, the little people. And if you toe the party line of the reporter you might even get ON AIR, WOW how cool is that!

So you might ask how effective are these SWEEP WEEK events in politics? We all know they appear to be successful in Gollywood, well maybe not. Could it be that the SWEEPS weeks get more viewers because the viewers know the most outrageous story lines will air and once complete return tune to their normal viewing habits? And I wonder if the same thing happens in the Political SWEEPS process when the bump happens and then disappears like a fire dying when the fuel runs out?

The only difference I see is that if one watches the Gollywood SWEEPS shows you get make believe gunk, where in Politics you get real facts backed up by real eviden….. whoops maybe they aren’t too different eh!!!

Have a good one…

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