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Monday, October 2, 2006

This and That… Some dated, some not…

Lots of people upset and lots of people happy about new View matron Rosie O saying Islamic Terrorist and American Christians are equally dangerous. Of course this will get the usual applause from the nutty left and her logic will be torn to shreds by the right. And yes I know it’s a stretch to say she uses logic when she speaks. But I think the main point is, for those whom haven’t figured it out yet, is how zany and dumbed down female discussions have become to liberal broadcasters (can I say BROADcasters with out getting into trouble??). If you want serious female intellect I suggest you try

Global warming made a small media comeback with Al G lecturing his flock again and the Dem House Leader Nancy P including Global Warming as part of the Dems security plan for America. I think Al G should use the call sign Ali G because at least Ali G smiles when saying something stupid! And Nancy P speaking in public is like the note above, no logic, zany and dumbed down, you females are very important, kinda like two party systems, and MEN we need to help them if they won’t help themselves, we need to form a coalition whom refuse to let liberals demean women like they do and we need to do it soon!!!

Had a long talk with a friend whom was upset at Bush for trying to Nation build because he said that can only be done from the inside by the people. As we tossed it back and forth I realized a key component of the discussion was not the goal, we both wanted the same goal, but the operational aspect was the problem area. As a creative guy he is very smart and knows his stuff, but as an operational guy he is very weak and lite on thinking. Maybe by choice maybe by abilities but his lack of operational experience and thinking was the real heart of the issue and once we flushed that out and examined it we came to a nice agreement. Thought it worth sharing as maybe we should shift the discussion from theory and outcome to operational status and process if we all agree free will should govern all Nations.

Wal Mart as a Political football? What the? How the? Who the? I mean how silly has politics become if Wal-Mart dominates the scene…

National Republicans would be wise to look at California politics and see what the DNC is trying. Their candidate is another Grey Davis type clearly bought and paid for by the CA Unions – Democratic Party (there really is no difference out here) and so they show commercials of Arnold and George B, and they show “DISTRAUGHT” teachers accusing the Gov, just like his recent initiatives, of taking money from them because you see they either get more money every year or your stealing from them. Let me say that again more SLOWLY for you, they either get more money EVERY year of they accuse you of stealing THEIR money! Get it, THEIR MONEY!
California is one of the worlds largest economies and the Unions know that and they own the Dems, and they own the state, yet nobody says anything about it, wonder why? The Governor race for this economy is up for grabs and no national coverage except to blast Arnold, wonder why?

Another Congress person caught soliciting “Something / sex” from a 16 year old boy has caused a huge uproar. It appears the whole thing could be a DNC set-up though so it will be fun to watch, politics in October are really fun to watch these days as the party of slime shifts into high gear! We also have some idiot named Woodward selling books and lies as fast as he can. So the party of slime has its two best weapons on display, LIES LIES LIES and SEX SEX SEX!!! Whoops no make that its three best weapons, we also have the Hill and Bill show recently with Ole Bill blowing his stack and cold calculating Hill doing her thing. These two are so over the top I can only feel sorry for them, how sad it must be to be so screwed up inside to think the way they think, how sad indeed…

Some apparently haven’t learned (most of this crowd is from the “Ancient Days” of paper based information products and 3 network TV broadcasts!) lies don’t work anymore, welcome to the world of the Internet!

Port Security Bill passed as long as convicted felons can find work on the docks, how cool is that! And they attached the Internet Gambling Bill as well because it’s just too easy to lose your money on the Internet by Gambling. Just because Casinos are everywhere doing the same thing doesn’t make it OK on the Internet because you can be in your PJ’s on-line and you can’t be in your PJ’s at a Casino! Wonder when they will pass the bill to outlaw gambling in Casinos? Oh right, they are the ones who have paid off the Congress people to make “Internet” gambling illegal so they can have the money instead and since they give huge dollars to politicians, it’s a WIN WIN!!!

The NIE info was also used as a political football as opposed to say looking at terrorist and what they plan to do to us! Some people actually think that who controls Congress and whom is in the Whitehouse effects terrorist thinking and they couldn’t be more wrong if they tried. Islamic terrorist want to kill Western Civilization and couldn’t care less about the names or the political party in charge unless they can use that information to attack us better. They have stepped into the US political arena hoping to get the weaker Dem party back in charge so they can build-up and attack with less worry but that effort failed. Will they try again???

Have a good one…

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