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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Freezers: Skin Color Crusaders

Some clowns at Harvard have a website that proves what I have written about many times before, they can prove racism no matter what you say. You must be a racist you just don’t know it.

False Guilt requires the “Racial Freezers” to forever live at a time when all white people are racist and all colored people have an excuse to be racist. You are not ALLOWED to evolve past your racism, you are not allowed to treat it like other forms of hate because it’s a “special” form of hate.

The “Racial Freezers” need your false guilt to protect their racial economy and they have chosen to “Freeze” your guilt from the “50’s” and “Freeze” your “its all my fault” guilt trip concessions from the “90’s”. It’s a perfect storm of false guilt, political posturing, and economy building that produces the level of “racism miners” we see today.

As I’ve said before skin color is just a view of nature that you have no control of how you view or what color you are. You do however have the ability to control or not control your hate. The “Racial Freezers” count on you never accepting that view, you decide.

Have a good one…

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