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Monday, May 15, 2006

The Freezers: Scared to Motionless

Note: First of many postings on the “Freezers”.

Al “I wish I had a backbone” Gore has become the lead puppet lately in a movie effort to show what “Global Warming” is all about to the average person whom must be clueless to this “proven” cause celeb.

The movie, but of course, shows all of the worst case scenario’s as being a matter of when, not if. The “MOVIE” takes great care to avoid scientific truths in pursuit of their quest, to scare you. To scare you into supporting their cause, to change all of the “normal” peoples life’s to conform with their world-view of life.

The problem they face is that Nature is always changing, Nature is by definition a constant changewave that we can never stop, ever! They cannot “Freeze” the oceans at their current level, they cannot “Freeze” the ice sheets at their current size, they cannot “Freeze” evolution in its current state, in fact the only thing they can “Freeze” is their intellectual growth.

One cannot change Nature, one can only hope to understand and ride with as much harmony as possible. It’s a fight the “Global Warmers” will never be able to win, it’s a changewave they will never be able to “Freeze”!

Have a good one…

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