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Friday, May 5, 2006

More Rambling

Nature and the Balance of the Senate, I am surprised that Nature is so omnipresence that she can even balance this group out;

They have Boxer, we have Chafee,
They have Kennedy, we have Specter,
They have Kerry, we have Lott,

Now baby, that takes awesome powers, wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s create a 3rd party, one of vision, power, logic, humanity based, classless, raceless, genderless, where wealth can buy anything but, politicians, legal privilege, human servants You know, by the people, for the people stuff, and then to balance Nature the two old stagnate corrupt parties can coalesce into one big old ball of yarn, useless until un-spun… sound good to you too???

Kennedy was caught at 2:45am, what was he going to vote on that day or what “other” official business was he planning? Congress Police let him off boy am I surprised, it’s like dude the 1st time I’ve heard of the ruling class law applied to the ruling class and the “little people” law like applied to you and me wasn’t the same, go figure. Oh btw, who does the ruling class work for? Or who does the “little people” class work for?

They in Government say we need more money, so what do they do?

Not tax illegals or the businesses that use them more than you and me, want to stay, want to hire, fine, PAY FOR THE PRIVILEDGE,
Keep The War on Drugs going and miss all of the taxes that would flow if we legalized it in the “correct way”, you know like the big PILL BUSINESS does today (ask Kennedy, Rush, et al), or continue to let all the dictators keep the money,
Keep on-line gambling illegal so all the money and taxes from that go to other countries as well,
Keep letting court personal whom are accountable to no one drive infrastructure (Insurance, Medical, Legal, Bureaucracy, etc) costs through the roof, I thought we had the technology to let the people decide these days? Government too screwed up to decide, let the public decide, court ruling screwed up, let the public decide, after all we will in a MAJORITY RULE system, don’t we?

Have a good one…

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