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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Freezers: Hate scares the Weak

All one needs to do is look at the weaklings of the old MSM groups, the major weakness holding higher education hostage, the EU kowtowing, and one can see where the Haters have “Frozen” the weak into complete submission.

They choose violent hate based actions and words since they know violence scares the weak and they know the old MSM, Colleges, the EU, etc. are full of weakness and would rather “Freeze” in place they deal with the issue.

In fact there are so many examples of the weak being scared by violence these days I must assume this is a normal life cycle. The weak got to strong for awhile using words and posturing to gain power and then when trouble hit, as expected, they folded their tent and ran for the hills hoping to be left alone, hoping to “Freeze” the world at a moment in time when everyone was so “nice”, the ruling class had no threats, and only the little people got hurt.

Well that Frozen time has passed and once thawed cannot be re-frozen like the “old days”. Its time for strength to regain the lead by punishing the violent, by protecting the innocent, and by crushing the haters.

Have a good one…

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