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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Again, it’s the strong vs. the weak and this time the weak won…

The Weakinization crowd has won another election majority in the good ole US of A and we again will test the limits of Nature’s balance. The balancing act of strength vs. weakness is the core component of all of Nature’s “natural” battles. If you’re intelligent enough to find it you will see it everywhere and in constant conflict.

In Nature being strong doesn’t always mean “winning” and in America the same pattern repeats itself. The strong rule for awhile and then the weak rule for awhile and back and forth we go not for political reasons (window dressing) but for the simple reason that Nature requires that they balance each other.. It is not something that can be over engineered, it is not something that can be regulated out of existence, it exists in all humans and as long as the US of A is run by humans allowed to express their free will, this will happen.

As I watch the pundits and insiders discuss this and that and marvel at what went right and cringe at what went wrong none of them even begin to notice they are small puppets in the grandest of stages. We are in fact creatures of Nature and therefore we must look at ourselves through her eyes and find that balance that she demands, it’s not open for discussion, embracing it and most importantly, MOST IMPORTANTLY, time the balance to match the need.

And that is what worries me most about the US of A today, some think we have had real power mongers the last 6 years (are you kidding me??? LOL) and that we need to bring in a crowd who won’t use the power. Yet what we have really done is tame the weaklings in power today and enable weaker beings to come forth and risk our safety all in name of what, can you name it? No you can’t because to name it requires that you evaluate it and if you did so honestly you could only conclude we’ve gone weak, gone WEAK BIGTIME, and maybe we’ve gone weak at a time when what we really needed is real strength. I hope you’re scared and realize what’s at stake, I mean that does assume you want your children and their children to have free will… well do you???

Have a nice one…

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