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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More this and that…

Front Page: New Leader!!!
Soprano’s ending, one very good thing about it, it took Paris Hilton off the Hollywood front page!! Yea!!!

US GOV Out Of Touch List:
Immigration Bill disaster still alive and kicking,
Demo’s poll numbers in the dump with the ethics pledge close in tow, Dead Media Walking Silent on this minor detail,
Edwards pushing 2 America’s with straight face,
Al Gore still thinks people like him and that’s he’s not insane,
Arnold S of CA is completely clueless on global warming (poster child for Term Limits),
Senator Feinstein of CA makes tens (maybe hundreds of millions) off of your tax dollars and no one questions it,
Murtha threatens fellow congressmen over pork which is the only thing he will fight for,
Harry R of Nevada thinks the immigration bill is a political football,
William Jefferson plays racist card and Katrina card to excuse his bribery charges,
Sharpton plays racist card in Paris Hilton comedy play,
Libby in jail and Berger walking free, insane, simply insane,
It never changes does it?

Justice System Gone Bad
Nifong DA fighting for his job today, let the blame someone else game begin, followed closely by the it wasn’t that big a deal deflection, and closed with a healthy dose of I was just trying to help the poor girl against all of those evil men… my guess is nothings comes of this because the one system that can’t and won’t police itself is the justice system, does the irony of this register with you?

Judge lets terrorist off the hook due to “technicality”, I say we let the judge and the technicality free terrorist live together for a few years to help the judge understand the justice system of the real world. Sometimes I think judges must be insane and stoned, no other explanation makes sense.

Have a good one…

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