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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

More of this and that…

Well the Illegal’s “protests” went off as planned and the only ones who seemed to notice were the self-selling leaders of non-moving movements. Business went on as usual, freeways were very nice, kinda of like a day when schools and – or gov is closed and traffic flies… hmmmmmm Now I know what your thinking, could they be related? I don’t know just thinking out loud.

And of course the gov is wandering aimlessly trying to figure out how to get votes and Geo Bush is looking for love. What this situation needs is management and you find very little of that in gov and that my friends is the real problem! It seems that when Geo Bush falls short of the mark he is being very consistent, he throws his Business skills out the door and goes emotional and when he does, look out cause as good as his business skills are his emotional skills are bad and the evidence is abundant!

And lastly it appears the illegal “crowd” has started to notice that the drivers of this effort were communist and socialist organizations and they wondered if they should be associated with those groups. Strange bedfellows indeed…

Lot’s of talk recently about false guilt which is old news to this old guy. A term I first heard from my brother years ago and when one looks at the angry liberal left and examines their drivers it’s clear they suffer massive doses of false guilt like a heroin addict seeking their next fix except at least the heroin addicts admits they have a problem, don’t expect that from an angry liberal anytime soon. But the real problem is not their false guilt but their never ending efforts to weaken everything around them to put theirs minds at ease. They are the weakest of the weak and therefore the most desperate, the quickest to mob, the quickest to denounce, the quickest to point blame, the quickest to cry foul, the quickest to look the other way if the truth or logic gets in the way of their idealism.

I am a divorced white male in his late forties and without doubt I am part of the most discriminated group in Liberal power circles which of course allows the discrimination to flourish and grow in other areas of society (press, schools, government, etc…). As I have written before these discriminators have built robust economies needed to fund their personal lifes and as long as those economies are allowed to grow and flourish, then racism, genderism, xxxism will continue to be a problem in society. And as long as the weak liberal false guilt mind is allowed to have any say expect this problem to remain.

The good news is Nature favors the strong and always has so on occasion the weak will have their moment, but in the end Nature will assert herself and the strong will correct the imbalance of the angry liberal weaklings.

Have a good one…

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