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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Blog Re-Actions

Powerline is, rightfully, paying homage to Mark L and Andrew M. co-author at National Review On-line ripping the Palm Beach DA for letting politics drive his actions, just like the clown Ronnie E against Delay. As I have stated before the Liberal Mindset has been reduced to using the Courts to fight all of their causes because the masses will never buy their junk. And you say you’re not that outraged huh?

Well this strategy of the small versus the majority via courts, finding judges that “feel your PAIN”, outlasting the local budgets (ACLU, DNC, RNC, etc.), using the usual ism’s (genderism, racism, etc.), and on and on should be SCARING THE HELL OUT OF YOU!

This is how the ACLU, Soros, Liberals at large, want to shape and control America and they are much further along in Europe and you see how well that is going! Now we have all sorts of groups embracing this strategy and making the courts the centerpiece of political activism. The list is so huge that no one can really keep up with it, we have watchdog groups for the ACLU, for the 9th Circuit Court of Laughs, whoops I meant Appeals, Spring Break Lawyers Gone Wild, Judges telling the people whom they work for I don’t need to follow YOUR rules, a common judge line, “NOT IN MY COURTROOM”, Whom’s Court Room your honor? And while I’m asking that, what’s with the “YOUR HONOR” garbage, you think you’re better than the rest of us? Maybe you forget who’s paying your salary and who your work for!

Remember when you VOTE, the liberals winning equals the Courts screwing your lifestyle!

Powerline also talks briefly about Neil Young’s new political hit piece and quotes some guy as saying if your conservative it will make you mad as hell! I want to ask the conservatives to join this moderate in saying, thanks for the LAUGHS Neil!

Michelle Malkin’s new Hot Air site is very cool and as usual targets with facts and truth, must really frustrate her critics whose only weapons are lies and personal attacks. Michelle also takes it to the immigration extortionist and others say one thing and do another, she always seems to have logic on here side which is a good thing.

National Review Online, by Claudia Rosett, another UN action that would be a scandal of huge proportion if done by anyone in the GOP, but sense it’s the UN not to worry, they are so corrupt its expected! And yet we still send money, we still act like they matter, so many acts, so little time, so much waste, so much false hope, the horror the horror…

Rush (on the air), Most College Professors don’t approve of Bush’s actions, are you kidding me!!! Of course they would he believes in the truth and strength, and sometimes his faith, while all they have is hate and somber discussions about a dreamland that will never exists, a land where the ruling class runs everything and all the “little people” follow without question…

Have a good one!!!

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