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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Let’s get ready to Ramble!!!

The “Talibanization” of Yale has started off a touch rocky but I think the administration at Yale is secure in their plan to allow the alteration of the school’s image to continue in a tight downward spiral making for a beautiful pretty color picture on some “persons” desk.
As with all liberal “ground breaking” fundamental changes resulting in disaster the “Talibanization” effort tried to fly under the radar and was caught red handed, too funny by far. Step two in the playbook is the silent treatment where the liberal mindset, which usually finds itself whining about everything except itself, retreats into a monotone silence and digs in for the long waiting game. The length of the “waiting” timeframe is dictated by how long the disaster takes to be minimized from the limelight and become reduced to background noise.
After the limelight has faded, the “Talibanization” effort will continue under the radar with more and more “Scholarly” “kids” being recruited to shape the student body. At some point in time though it will be fun to watch the “diversity gang’s” reaction to the new campus rules, you know, wear fingernails lose a finger, woman speak to men or go out of their house alone and your stoned to death, etc., should make for some interesting self reflection, eh?

As if this needs proof, the NY Times reporters are now being “requested” to testify about their attempt to Lie, whoops, I mean build a story with no factual basis to cause trouble for the President of the US and some of his staff.
Proof of what you say??? Proof that anytime non-intellects (i.e. most members of the Old Noise Machine) engage is silly little plans to discredit someone they don’t “like” more often than not the plan fails, but more and more thanks to the SFB (Special Forces Blogger’s) it comes back to bite them where it don’t feel real good, aww poor babies, aww…

Jessica Simpson misses a lunch with the Pres and the press thinks it’s a news story. My guess is the Pres laughed and said thank goodness since I’m sure anytime he has to meet with another airhead it’s a low point of his day…

As predicted we now know funds for Katrina relief will be misspent and go unaccounted for but not to worry, calls of racism will surely shield the lawbreakers and the incidents will surely be un-reported, except of course the cries of racism used to mask the crimes, those will be broadcast across the Old Noise Machines spectrum of liberal and Democratic Party services, count on it. Racism covers and trumps all among the weak and that’s a fact.

The Factor has been after weak kneed judges lately and has done a great job exposing some insane judges who clearly are beyond criminal negligence, they have become co-conspirators in their actions by sentencing people we know will repeat crimes to lesser or no sentence granting them access to the public and the opportunity to hurt us again, go get um Bill!! I’m with you!!
But, I was saved from completely giving up on today’s legal system by watching a trial about the murder-rapist guy in Florida and the sentencing judge who framed the case perfectly, analyzed all of the weakness that constitutes “a defense” of something that can’t be defended, and then sentenced the monster to death. For all of you weak kneed types listen closely, killing monsters is still required in today’s society, and maybe will always be required as long as monsters turn up we need to kill them, else they will kill us and you might not care about that, but I do!!!

Milosevic proved in death what we have all known in real life, things like the “World Court” are for the “ruling clowns” among us to try and feel good about themselves and operate without care to what has occurred, listen closely, just to make sure they don’t feel bad, think hard about that when you hear discussion about these so called “World” bodies operating out of Europe, clueless, careless, spineless, arrogant, and fat, not a way to grow up son!!!

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