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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

How scary is it?

I lived through a hurricane in the early 60’s, Audrey 1963, in Beaumont Texas, it was a CAT 1 and dumped huge rain, luckily eveyone in that part of Texas had boats, and the wind was minimal.

We lived in San Antonio and had a Tornando go right over the house and luckily for us it didn't touch down near us but the sound was just like a locomotive rolling on down the tracks, scary stuff to say the least.

I have lived through two very close to where I was earthquakes, in the San Fernando Valley, when I was a bit older and also got lucky.

And for a nun-nature scary thing, a friend and I were robbed with a shotgun in our face once but we got lucky and we're not shot.

The worst part of a natural disaster (or a people made disaster) from a normal person’s viewpoint is being scared while the event is happening. You have ZERO control and what happens to you will happen. If your lucky enough to survive then you go through the shock of the event, and then hopefully to re-establishing some level of control in your life.

When judging our fellow Americans, please remind yourself what it’s like to be scared and don’t judge to harshly since 99 percent of us don’t do very well when scared. If you’ve ever been scared, I mean really scared, you know what I mean. Add to that the fight to regain some level of control in your life and you have a real mix of feelings that put all humans at their worst, which includes you and me…

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