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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sweeps This and That…

Does any other state in the US have to put up with idiot Gollywood Gazillionaires trying to raise taxes every election cycle? Prop 87 is another tax and bureaucrat builder with zero accountability, zero focus, and no doubt run by liberals. Does any other state have to be up with this abuse!!! Al Gore has joined the pro-87 crowd, a sure sign of desperation!!!

As I’ve said before California is the poster child for the Socialist Liberal dream and that’s why the state is in complete financial and bureaucratic KAOS, owned by Unions and tax eating bureaucrats! The teachers Unions either gets more billions every, EVERY YEAR, or they think someone is STEALING from them, their annual, ANNUAL budget is 60 billion plus, just for education while if your not feeling well your health concerns take a back seat, nice huh! Someone please save California from itself before it’s too late, please…

Gee the Foley sex scandal turned out to be a dud and was supposed to be for later in the election cycle but the Demos were doing so bad they fired their ammo early! But we know its not their only shot so be prepared for more sleaze and lies to follow soon, its not just predicted, its guaranteed!!!

N Korea fires off TNT masquerading as nuclear blast and half the world is in a state of panic and the other half is laughing their ass off!! Nuclear bombs can kill the planet so I wish we would all take them seriously. Clinton revisionist team working hard to counter their real failures with Bushes real issues, cleaver marketing ploy eh!!! Queen Albright was such a disaster and now when she speaks I shudder at what the other Nations must think when we send that piece of work out to talk for us, between her and Carter no wonder they think were a bunch of stupid wimps, look who is trying to speak for us.

The contest for the title of ugliest American mouth piece is under way, the usual two front runners, T Turner and B Streisand are fighting tooth and nail for the title. And as before we are sure it will stay a toss up with the winner, like last year, being the one who speaks last!!!

Muslims must be mad, no major news coverage for a few days, expect to see that change soon since without the news on them they have, nothing. Even though Muslim youths attacking and rioting in much of Europe is news for the local Europeans it’s not viewed at CNN and BBC as a good American bashing opportunity so it won’t get covered! Good job CNN and BBC for fueling the fire, useful idiots of this caliber are hard to find eh!!!

Have a good one…

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