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Monday, February 6, 2006

Rambling Around…

NSA Wiretaps: President doesn’t have the right to do whatever he thinks is needed to protect us, well who does then? Didn’t we elect him to drive the boat? Just like Clinton and all before? Here’s my take, our SAFETY must come first, period! And we have another idiot example of US Senators seeing TV time as their primary job, instead of PROTECTING us! Note to privacy clowns, you lost this war a long long time ago… Your information is all over the Internet so just deal with it… besides the fact that NO ONE CARES, you’re not that interesting.

Cartoons: What happened to cartoons being a Saturday morning fun fest? Now they are used as political and personal attack methods and can drive some people crazy… I thought cartoons were supposed to make people smile and laugh, I don’t know about you but I sure miss those fun fest days… sigh…

Weakness and Strength are the core differences in Nature and the world today is studying the power of weakness and strength in many ways that wobble around the real issue, this struggle is about power baby and you need to come to grips about that, power cannot be controlled through nicey nice play, power is needed to control power, think about it… if we elect a bunch of powerless babies to drive the boat, trouble is coming… and we won’t like it when it gets here because it won’t “feel for us”, it won’t “listen and adjust for us”, it won’t “compromise itself to appease us”, and lastly it won’t “respect our tears” while it kills us.

Supreme Being Court: whew, gone until the next opening, what a national disgrace this was and then we compound the problem by broadcasting for all the world to see, ugh… I wonder if a year from now, or a few years from now when all of the doom and gloom talk proves to be incorrect if anyone will be held accountable? What do you think?

The Oscars, People Choice, SAG’s, blah blah blah, who watches this stuff? You couldn’t pay me enough to watch that drek, well actually you couldn’t pay me to see most of the films these shows talk about so oh well… Where is John Wayne when you need him… sigh… George Clooney, Sean Penn, apparently Gollywood is lost and I wonder how silly can they be? I wonder how long it will take for a new studio to realize that a huge market exists out there that’s not being served anymore and get on it, isn’t that what a free market should make happen???

Super Sunday, good game, decent halftime (not a Stones fan), but the commercials were Great!! Loved the Bud one with the Big Clydesdales helping the little Clydesdale, an instant classic!!

Have a good one…

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