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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Polls and Stat - "A-ticians"

OK we’ve been through this before; polls are not scientific methods of gauging the population at larges feelings about whatever the topic is pretending to be. This “magic” of the Stat “A-ticians” is more of a sign on their business that says in no un-certain terms, need a result to market your idea, Come on in!!

No serious scientist considers an extrapolation from 1,000 people to 350 million people to have a margin of error less than 80-90 percent. It’s a plain and simple marketing tactic that appeals to individuals whose thoughts are so weak and so void of facts that they need marketing to get some traction for their ideas.

Believing a pollster after the last few elections where its clear to all but the worst of partisan hacks that polls are usually off the mark even in a two person race, I mean how much of an error can one make when only two variables are in play? Ask a sports bookie which is easier to handicap, a race of 18 horses or 2?

The news organizations are the “johns” to the poll companies “whores”, it’s that simple, unless of course you're in need of a marketing “fix”…

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