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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Lawyers vs US at Gitmo: Where are the Good Ones?

Well all we here about is the ambulance chasing ACLU and other “Civil Rights” lawyers descending on the US effort at Gitmo and other efforts to protect terror suspects in the US, and in fact on the worlds stage.

I have one question for the lawyers of the US, whom I suspect have a higher salary than most people in the US (especially the ones who’s full time job is suing the gov we support with our hard earned tax dollars), where is the outrage? Where is the counter punch? Why are you not attacking back? OK OK more than one question.

Why doesn’t the gov fight back? What are we worried about? Am I the only one tired of the constant tearing apart of our gov by these lawyers constant attack?

If the legal system won’t clean up its act maybe we the voters need to make it happen. We know they survive on one thing, money, so why not take it from them. The legal system is the only system where the protection of rights for the ordinary US citizen is used by the legal system to attack any one who thinks the system is messed up (in this case messed up bigtime!)

I want the ACLU taxed to the hilt and to pay all legal fees (theirs and the gov’s) every time they file a lawsuit. I want any little community under attack to attach a lien against the ACLU to ensure they pay up. This goes for all activists groups and foundations that attack the US way of life.

It’s time to fight back, time to take back the law, time to root profit out of the legal system, time to make lawyers accountable for their impact on me and you. And know I don’t want to hear about the little BS used to protect those groups, they aren’t you and me, they are not ordinary US citizens, they are vultures and need to be treated as such.

Folks that is why we vote and we need to start voting lawyers out of the gov ASAP if we want to change this. And yes they will complain they need lawyers to rights laws but alas I think that is the problem. Look at our tax system and the other rackets used by people to game out tax dollars, its all legal mumbo jumbo so the normal person who pays the freight can’t understand it.

This logic is pure as pure can be and if we don’t fight back soon, the legal system will ruin our country and free will’s ability to set the agenda will suffer a huge defeat. Think about that as you look into your children or loved ones eyes, can you afford to lose that free will? Can you???

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