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Monday, October 10, 2005

Change in the Govt. part 2: The Gov in CA must of hit the mark!

Wow, the Unions are in full panic mode these days and worried to no end that the ballot initiatives coming up might pass. Like all people the greater the worry equals the greater the energy expended to deal with the worry.

The Unions in CA are the poster children for why government unions should be disbanded, they are self serving political organs. The idea that they do anything outside their job function to help the people of the state or government they work for is a joke. They spend all of their time working on ways to make the system work for them and only them. They have rules and regulations that you will never enjoy, that’s right enjoy. Can you imagine your business making rules that you would enjoy as a rule not an exception?

You hope your employer will help pay some of your health costs, the Unions complain if their employer doesn’t pay all of their costs, for life! Job protection equals job performance in the real world, in the Union world it equals being in the Union, nothing else really matters, and the list goes on…

But the amount of money they are spending to protect their system does tell you one thing that can’t be argued, it must be one hell of a system. The question is, is the system for them or for us?

Think about it…

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