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Monday, October 10, 2005

Change in the Govt.

The blame game is based on the presumption that the current “blame-ee” has control of a situation and the people involved in it. At least I would like to establish this as a most common denominator approach if that’s possible.

Some parts of the government seem to never change and when they do change it’s such a small percentage that actual systemic change is impossible. The key change available to the government is the people who drive the boat. Although I am worried that the law seems more fluid than the people these days!

Blaming the actions of the govt. staff on the president (Clinton or Bush) is “sport” these days with all sorts of “referees” deciding the preferred outcome when many outcomes are possible depending on “whom” you decide to agree with.

The “whom” part them becomes the appropriate derivative to find the “truth” about which referee speaks the truth. This derivative is increasingly disguised by “front” people and organizations but the connecting points can still be found if one digs far enough and deep enough. Although if someone “public” does this they will become a target to prevent point connection sometimes at any cost.

So here’s the challenge, find a referee whose connection points are independent and who on a majority of occasions finds fault without personal connection. Oh by the way, don’t spend too much time on this challenge since the odds of you breaking Vegas are better than you finding someone like this.

Use the current Supreme Being circus as a prime example of only connected dots discussions, period. Trust me as a long term management type, when you only change 1 or 2 percent of a huge process you in fact change nothing.

Have a nice day…

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