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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

This and that…

Remember truth seekers and science pro’s, awards like the Pulitzer’s and Nobel’s are no longer awards of excellence, they are awards for;

toeing the line,
for collective liberal thinking,
for weakness,
for race-gender-sexual orientation baiting,
for protecting the guilty,
for burying ones head in the sand in the face of freedom of speech killers,
for ensuring the truth doesn’t matter anymore unless its supports the liberal version,
add your own here…

Destroyers’ version 2,999,999,992

Target: Rumsfield (again), Integrity, and the USA

New version of an age old attack but with the same hoped for results, and btw it’s not about removing Rumsfield, it’s not about removing Bush, it’s not about helping the IRAQI people, they seek to destroy for the same old purpose and it’s the same old game because they have no other game, it’s all about getting liberals back into power. They do this for one reason, to enact laws to destroy America. They say you can’t attack their patriotism yet they attack patriots day in and day out so I will attack their patriotism since they have none.

What do they want, they want a ruling class for the World, plain and simple. And they must destroy the US for that to ever happen else they have no chance. Why you say, well because free will is not part of liberal thought, it’s collective or bad, period.

More examples you say, illegal immigration aka open borders, tell me that’s not a “world view”, seeping in “International Law” into Court decisions, protecting the courts against law makers elected by majority vote (rule by law not by legislature), fighting having an ID to vote yet you need a ID for almost everything else devaluing the voting process, control the voting process through gerrymandering for Congress people and massive money requirements for Senate seats reducing the contest to the rich or party candidates only, change the voting process so the outcome is controlled by the courts, Global Warming hysteria designed to enforce collective thought, support failing schools systems to continue producing citizens whom they think will be easier to control, “poll” 50 people and market the poll such that these 50 people speak for the “majority” of us and therefore you should too, add you own here…

What they clearly don’t know, if they succeed, they will create a world body that the 1st powerful group of individuals (Islam maybe?) that comes along will over throw with ease and then all of the “rights and social advances” will be thrown out on day one.

Any feminist, or gay rights advocate, or freedom of religion type, or freedom of thought type who supports the Democratic extreme liberalism plan should realize that they are attacking themselves and maybe they should consider an alternative else their legacy will not survive, will all of been in vain, and most of the fault will be on their leaders who refused to see the truth, or who saw it and were too weak to act on it… think about it…

Have a good one…

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