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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Upside Down is Back Around…

Two black skinned men led their teams in the Super Bowl and for the 1st time a black skinned coach won the Super Bowl. But no Sharpton, no Jackson, no National Demos ran with the event, why? They both are Christian and Diversity is important, but hating Christians is apparently more important. I have to change my ranking of hates now for the demo’s;

1) Hating Repubs (Practiced by a large group of Repub-o-phoes!)
2) Hating Christians (swapped places with number 3)
3) Hating White Males who don’t submit to racism, gender, and gay bashing charges even if they don’t practice any of them.
4) Hating Business in public (while taking their money in private)
5) Hating America’s success stories that can’t be spun as failures
6) Hating fans of America
7) Hating logic and facts

Thank goodness they practice tolerance huh!!!!!!!!!

Global Warming, still the leading Socialist worldwide movement, taking a hit as the Northeast Freezes but the true believers are not worried because the cool thing about Global Warming is that the actual weather doesn’t matter since it’s all caused by Global Warming, cold or hot, warm or cool, dry or wet, snow or mud, it’s all good. Earth bound Global Warming clowns still working hard to connect man to the Mars Global Warming Problem via the presence of the Mars Rovers. Its clear man has infested the planet, the root of the problem appears to be the Rovers are Solar powered and therefore are viewed as a solution not a root cause. Main focus is on preserving the idea that the Solar powered Rovers are good for Earth use and Bad for Mars use, developing…
As I’ve said before it’s easy to fix the Global Warming problem, just move the Earth away from the Sun, it’s a NO BRAINER!!!

Media spins Senate vote as bad when repubs do it even after years of saying its good when demo’s do it, YAWN… Anyone checked the MSM financial situation lately? Any of them not laying off? Any of them not losing money, readership, credibility, etc... spinning out of control and losing money seems like a good idea to me for the MSM, KEEP IT UP GALS and GUYS!!!

Mother Nature thinks its cute all of these little people run around and act important on her behalf, but she was here before all of us were and she will be here after all of us are gone… Sorry politicos and social engineers, your not in control and never have been and never will be… your best bet is to stop hating and start working with… but you have to lose the hate first, do you have what it takes? Time will tell as it always has…

Have a good one…

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