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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Damn I’m feeling stupid today!!!!

Apparently I somehow missed the vote allowing the editor of the NY Slimes to be a CZAR with regards to publishing National Security information!

Are you a whistle blower or a leaker? It appears it depends on which political party you vote for. And the press apparently feels they can decide this based on their opinions of the situation when National Security is involved. Because if the press can’t decide this then the American People will never know all the bad things our government does!

Excuse me, don’t we have hundreds of elected officials in Washington? Isn’t their JOB to look out for us? What the hell do we need the media for with regards to National Security? Am I the only one a little taken back by some bonehead editor at the NY Slimes sitting back in his chair and determining what’s good for National Security because it’s good for me that the press can do this?

I’m sorry I don’t remember electing that piece of garbage to do my bidding with regards to National Security. I think he can expose sexual affairs and I don’t care, he can expose lying pants stuffing fools and I don’t care, he can have a staff of opinion writers right gunk day in and day out and I don’t care,


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