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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The signs of no leadership….

Polarization, no one to unite,
Directionless, whichever way the wind blows on any given day,
Afraid of the truth, feelings become more important than reality,
Gossip replaces fact finding, scared to not be in the right “camp”,
The weak appear strong, check the house or the senate,
Raised voices replace reasoned voices, listened to a political discussion lately,
Majority rule breaks down, politics through the legal system,
We attempt reasoned war, WAR IS HELL, accept it or don’t go to war,
We attack safe targets, a general representing our troops as opposed to the prez of Iran,
Politicians steal from the people they are supposed to represent, no one cares,
Racism is everywhere, heard of the Duke Case,
Genderism is everywhere, if women ran the world all is better, poof,
Colleges are for free speech and intellectual growth, see Indoctrinate U, talk to F.I.R.E.,
People are starving, we use food to replace oil, say what?????...

I could go on but hopefully you get the idea…

Have a good one…

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