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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back in the saddle...

Hi to my few few readers, been busy at work and not interested in the state of affairs until recently. But more and more I find myself seeking to help educate on Nature - Free Will as it relates to US relations, elections, enviromentalisum, socialisum, meisum, and all the other "isum's" out there!!!

First order of business is to remind you why they hate the US, it's the best model government for Free Will and you can look at all those haters and they all support restricted or no Free Will type governments, control systems, etc. And as I've told you before I see nothing to worry about, when you fight Free Will you fight Nature, and when you fight Nature you lose, it's that simple.

These elections have a bit of Free Will, do I like any of the candidates, of course not silly, but I will vote for McCain, he's the best example of Free Will we've had for awhile. The other two will waste consider energy, gov's and yours, fighting the good socialist fight and will produce no benefits unless you are into stealing money from the gov feeder system(s).

The global warming show is so far removed from reality that I don't worry about it too much. But I do worry about energy independence and I wish we had one politician to take this fight on, just one. I would campaign for that person and do anything I can to get them elected.

The "meisum's" crowd is in deep trouble out there and they know it so it's fun to watch!!! The Internet is just cleaning their clocks and although they have adopted the tech in hopes of turning the tide, I suspect now that info flow is in the people's hands they know the gig is up. Expect to see them go to the one place they can still fight in, the Courts. If they can't buy it they will litigate for it, count on it.

Have a good one and stay strong, it's truly pisses off the Elite crowd more than anything... :)

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