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Friday, April 29, 2005

Faux Americans and the MSM

If we define being a true American as being John Wayne like, count me in. If we define being a true American as being Jane Fonda like, count me out. I use these two names since they both worked in the movie industry and both had some impacts on my generation.

Someone (MSM), somehow (spin), somewhere (pick a coast) is trying their hardest (to lose market share) to equate Anti-Americanism with goodness. To insist that in order for our country to exist we must have people constantly trying to tear it apart clearly is not rational.

Let me tell you a very super secret, you can have a two sided argument about how to make the US better without trying to tear it apart.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Political Hate and the US

Hatred and Crime – How intermixed are they?

Each and everyday we are faced with two common threads in most discussions, whom hates whom and whom murdered whom. I’m starting to wonder how intermixed those two conditions might be. Could it be that as you get “used? to hating you get “used? to murder? Or is it the other way around? Most sensible people would agree that to murder you must hate, but to hate seems to be relatively easy these days. In fact in some circles hatred seems to be an attractor for group happiness, what’s up with that?

The escalating hatred thrown around in the political “discussions? in our country are without a doubt the biggest problem we have today, including Terrorist! The Terrorist can do harm and big harm sometimes, but if we turn on each other then the implosion of our society will move at a speed the Terrorist could only dream about.

We need to ask ourselves some serious questions about the explosion of hatred as a building block for coalitions and political management. Yes hatred is a normal human feeling, yes we are not evolved enough to eliminate hateful thoughts, but to live by hatred? To embrace hatred? To promote hatred? To become obsessed with hatred?

Managing hatred in your children is part of being a parent and teaching them skills to not succumb to hatred is the goal. So who will teach our political organizations? Who will force them to grow up and not succumb to hatred? When you see that person, you will see the future of our great country!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Here we go again... Back and Forth

Ok, so you tried one set of "values" and it failed, now what? Same ole same ole apparently, let's do a poll, get our thoughts from "people on the street" and try that set of "values", way cool! And there's a bonus here too, if those values don't work it's easy to say "the polling was wrong"!

So now the "polls" are rigged is one of the primary jokes of the day. Polls for the repubs go for the repubs, and polls for the demos go to the demos! I don't know about you, but I'm sure in shock.

What idiot made polls such a powerful source of “news?? What idiot made “polls? a prereq to every decision? What kind of person develops their “own? thoughts through a poll of people they don’t know? Do they somehow lose their minds between the time they run for office in their “community? and when they land in DC?

What the *(&(*& is going on here? I could answer but it’s so so depressing….

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Monday, April 25, 2005

The UN Insider Club

The former US Ambassador to the UN Mr. Holbrooke was on the Factor a couple of months ago and really let the cat out of the bag. The discussion was about Kofi and when asked about him he replied, I like him and he’s a friend of mine, or close to that. It’s very telling that the 1st thing these people talk about is their relationships and feelings, which is common among the self described “elite?, not the job that’s being done or needs to be done. This is management 101 and uses the tried and true technique of moving a discussion from an action issue to a personal touchy-feely opportunity.

The UN is just like any other bureaucracy that knows it is accountable to no one, it’s an insider – outsider mentality. On the inside you can do damn near anything you want no matter how ugly and as long as your not caught by an outsider, no problem!

It’s a cancer feeding on itself and the fact that it’s been reduced to a hater of the US is not a surprise, it’s really the only thing they can accomplish!!

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Management and the U.N.

John Bolton, Management, and the U.N.

Well it’s obvious that the foes in this discussion have little or zero management experience. Now I only have 20 plus years in management so I might not be an expert but I do know that any manager worth her or his salt has enemies in their past, there are no exceptions! And if they are not only a manager, but also a leader, then include the weak who like to ankle bite on the list of people who will bad mouth a manager.

Included in this discussion should be the people who actually liked working for the manager, their list of accomplishments, etc. Although management style is important it’s not really a key or stopper to success. A bland manager can be a good or bad manager, a manager with “good style? can be good or bad, and a manager with a “bad? style can be good or bad.

If you manage large groups of people rest assured some will like your style and some will not and that is the real key to management success, applying the appropriate management style based on the people involved and the situation at hand. And in case you’re wondering, sometimes that’s a very complicated and “tricky? process that is the hardest part of the management workload.

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