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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Lawyers vs US at Gitmo: Where are the Good Ones?

Well all we here about is the ambulance chasing ACLU and other “Civil Rights” lawyers descending on the US effort at Gitmo and other efforts to protect terror suspects in the US, and in fact on the worlds stage.

I have one question for the lawyers of the US, whom I suspect have a higher salary than most people in the US (especially the ones who’s full time job is suing the gov we support with our hard earned tax dollars), where is the outrage? Where is the counter punch? Why are you not attacking back? OK OK more than one question.

Why doesn’t the gov fight back? What are we worried about? Am I the only one tired of the constant tearing apart of our gov by these lawyers constant attack?

If the legal system won’t clean up its act maybe we the voters need to make it happen. We know they survive on one thing, money, so why not take it from them. The legal system is the only system where the protection of rights for the ordinary US citizen is used by the legal system to attack any one who thinks the system is messed up (in this case messed up bigtime!)

I want the ACLU taxed to the hilt and to pay all legal fees (theirs and the gov’s) every time they file a lawsuit. I want any little community under attack to attach a lien against the ACLU to ensure they pay up. This goes for all activists groups and foundations that attack the US way of life.

It’s time to fight back, time to take back the law, time to root profit out of the legal system, time to make lawyers accountable for their impact on me and you. And know I don’t want to hear about the little BS used to protect those groups, they aren’t you and me, they are not ordinary US citizens, they are vultures and need to be treated as such.

Folks that is why we vote and we need to start voting lawyers out of the gov ASAP if we want to change this. And yes they will complain they need lawyers to rights laws but alas I think that is the problem. Look at our tax system and the other rackets used by people to game out tax dollars, its all legal mumbo jumbo so the normal person who pays the freight can’t understand it.

This logic is pure as pure can be and if we don’t fight back soon, the legal system will ruin our country and free will’s ability to set the agenda will suffer a huge defeat. Think about that as you look into your children or loved ones eyes, can you afford to lose that free will? Can you???

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Monday, May 30, 2005

Thank You Veterans

For all your bravery,
For all you determination,
For all your struggles,
For all your heart,

Because of you I can raise my kids in a free country,

Thank You …

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Elect a Ham Sammich!!!

Below is my list of candidates that I have no doubt my Ham Sammich could kick their collective a** in a general election;

Hillary Rodham
J McCain
Bill Frist
John Kerry

More to follow….

And yes this line is the same as that used by defense attorneys when the DA indicts their client, but it seems to fit here even better…

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Amnesty International Acknowledges Secret only US Gov Knows!

OK, so another anti-US garbage heap pronounces the US “is a bad thing”. In fact so bad we kill millions of people and even all of us pesky US citizens don’t even know about it. Yep you heard it hear first, our government is killing millions of people, probably every day if you believe these nut cases, and somehow we are so cool no one can see it, hear it, or even identify where the bodies are coming from!!

Imagine that we now have the technology to kill gazillions of people that don’t exist!! Ah ha, I think I know what they’ve been doing behind their doors till late in the morning while they investigate us…

Their playing DOOM 3… and I think they somehow “projected” their dreams into their own reality, how cute…

Useful idiots indeed...

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WEAKINIZATION continues at a brisk pace!!

OK, now we have Senators crying because they don’t like the criticism they are receiving because they don’t like Bolton. Crying!!

Crying is a natural emotion and at the right time we all should cry, but not when our opinions differ, geez, how weak can you get! I cry at funerals, when my heart is broke, etc.

The Senate is a functioning circus without any leadership or direction, I wonder why? Could it be overrun with weaklings? Might it no longer have a spine?

Actions speak louder than words and when you look at some of the senators on both sides of the aisle your left with no question on the matter, it’s full of weaklings!!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

MSM Theme Dances Coming Your Way Soon!!

1. Hate the War, great, try these dances;

Spotlight on Casualties!! All Bad News is the News!!

Prisoner Abuse – Beheadings for us and Steak for the Enemy!!

War of Failure – We Refuse to allow the US to Win!!!

2. Think Politicians walk on water, here you go;

Political Hit Dance – Lie and Attack Till Your Hearts Content!!

Award Yourselves – Since no one else will!!

Walk on the People – Step on those lowly voters all night long!!

3. Think MSM cares about you, try these;

Anonymous Ball – All your stories come from your “secret friend”!!

Steal Your Story – Why work for it, you’re entitled to it!!

Friends or Truth – Never worry about the truth, ever again!!

And of course the normal rules apply to all dances, dress like a snob, act arrogant, be condescending to the staff, and pretend like your royalty to be admitted.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

It’s not the Feminization of the US, it’s the ‘WEAKINIZATION’!

Do not confuse the 35 year effort to weaken the US with the Feminist movement or the Feminization of the US which some like to throw around as what we “now” see underway. The Feminist had their time, the public was educated, and now they just hang around as a political opportunity group focused on electing people who will keep their gender based economy rolling along.

The real threat is those that seek to weaken the US through any and all channels available. They have no scruples, know no boundaries, have no understanding of the consequences, and come from all of the “protected” groups in the US. In fact one of the greatest attacks (in terms of success) is the constant labeling effort that targets the strong and allows a “weakening” economy to be established. In the name of religion, gender, race, origin, etc…, these groups seek to continue to burden the strong and “use” the weak.

The burden comes in many forms; the most obvious is taxes (results of labor re-distribution), followed by hate based economies (race, religion, etc.), legal system abuse (over riding the will of the people), school system abuse (their killing our kids minds), environmentalist, etc. The list is long and full of the usual suspects and in case you were wondering has deep rots, whoops roots, in the “International” community. I love it when the ones that hate us have no problem making money in our system.

The term “useful idiot” flourishes in this process and it’s really hard to find an example where you don’t have a set of useful idiots running around acting, well like idiots. You have to love the clown patrol “protecting” Saddam’s rights while they are still un-covering mass graves where he murdered women and children. The weakest of the weak murder and abuse children and those that do should have a fast path back to Mother Nature’s base material building blocks. Children are the future and we must build strong children, period.

Strength has two sides, mental and physical, that must be utilized to protect free will and survive the “useful idiot” attacks of the weak. They will not stop because they are part of Nature’s core and that’s OK as they act as a balance. But we must not succumb to the easy path yet not over pursue the path of strength. We need balance and in Nature’s numerous examples laid out before us, it’s always strength that dominates and balance that allows us to ascend to greater and greater heights of the human experience…

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Traveling, back in town next week.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Management 101 and Newsweek

Does anyone really feel that the Management Teams at these MSM’s places like Newsweek don’t know about stories this explosive? Doesn’t bless them? Doesn’t have any problem with them? Knows that they support the Collecturate and therefore should be immune.

Corporations have two main types of management, the day to day types, Operational in nature, and the ones who provide the direction, Visionary in Nature. These roles are clearly defined and although they overlap on occasion they can’t too often because both types have more than full time jobs today.

This mistake seems to involve both types of management and I find it completely un-believable that the management team didn’t fully vet this and all its implications. It was purposely done for a reason that will never be explicitly stated because to do that would require that they value truth over their ideals.

Anyone doubt what trumps what in these places anymore?

And on a final management note you can always see weak management based on reactions to a problem. Governments have protocol and spokespeople and corporations have management. Management is paid to keep the business running and deal with problems as best they can and I wouldn’t expect anything less. The strength of the management response should be equal to the business impact of the situation. Anyone want to bet this management response will be far weaker???

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Monday, May 16, 2005

MSM Shows the Way

Yes so another one of the MSM’s House Organs blew it, why are people still outraged by this type of behavior? It’s old news that the MSM Collecturate is firmly anti-American and pro globalization. Their supporters and other leeches bow to one belief and one belief only, the theme song with the words “everyone would be in love with me”.

So the real question is, whom do they want to love them? Is it just the Saturday night party crowd (is Party the right choice of words here since I doubt any of them really know how to party!), is it just the pro globalization crowd? The Washington “insider” clubs? The MSM clique? Is it possible they want love from more than one source? After all seeking and needing to be loved is a core component of nature’s world.

I think it’s really very simple, the MSM Collecturate boils down to money. And the ones who give it are the ones whose love they seek.

As always MM has a great series of posts, start with below...

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

“Girlie Men” vs. Real People

Nature created strong and weak people and that’s the fact. It is not up for interpretation and it is also follows Nature’s curve.

It’s easy to detect who is which, isn’t it? And it’s not gender based for those of you that can’t get that out of your head, or any of the other hate groups sponsored by the US government.

More importantly we must realize that real people must stand against the “Girlie Men” because, not surprisingly, most of them are Anti-American. And yes of course they would yell and whine about being patriot’s but only because they know without yelling and whining about it they would be found out to be what they truly are…

Need an example??? Try below...

Note: If you don't understand why the UN needs to be cleaned up you need to seek help, soon...

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Who does hold MSM Accountable?

I was thinking about this in light of all the MSM “news” stories being used by Terrorist and Anti-American groups abroad. I thought the MSM was supposed to be Neutral? Oh yes, they are owned my Corporate America and these corporations are controlled by the Board of Directors right? And the Board of Directors is accountable to the stock holder’s right? And of course those corporations’ majority stock holders are Pension and Mutual Fund groups whom manage the stocks for all of us who invest in those funds, right?

I mention above to let you know how easy it will be to shape the messages coming from MSM because, if you follow the train of thought above, all we need to do is tell our fund managers to tell the corporations we don’t want anti-US and pro-terrorist messages produced by our MSM, right?

Well here’s a surprise for some of you, the MSM doesn’t care about money, the companies that “own” the MSM don’t care about the money being derived from the MSM channel. And you ask why that is? The inner core of the MSM world is already rich and they know that the billionaires that drive the Anti-US and pro terrorism propaganda will parachute them if they toe the line and do as their told.

When I hear that the MSM say “we must be neutral, we must have the ability to present the facts as they are” I always wonder (after I finish laughing) what their definition of “facts” is. But then we all know that, don’t we…

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Strength vs. Weakness

One of Nature’s purest endowments to all things living and not are strength and weakness. It comes in different ways for different things but it exists in all things at all times. In fact measuring this goes back as far as time and thought and has driven the world’s agenda since its inception.

When you think of strength and weakness (S and W) most people tend to think it’s obvious to detect, measure, and reflect on because in most ways it is. But in some ways S and W is so well hidden and so subtle to make any politicians or Academic (or is that anemic?) “nuanced” posturing comical by comparison.

Some of the most glaring examples hide in plain sight right in front of us. Gender-isum, Race–isum, Age-isum, Religion–isum, Nation-isum, and all the other forms of government supported hatred are all about the battle of the weak vs. the strong and society’s role in referring that “game”. I use the term game to illustrate the two sided nature of the competition, it is clearly not a game when you consider the stakes and the resulting conditions for our children.

In an effort to be intellectually honest though we must realize that most of the “games” being fought are not for the strong but for protecting the weak. It is assumed that because some things, people, animals, whatever are weak they need protection. It is my understanding that if Nature created weakness if was for a reason, not to play a “game”.

Next time you have one of these intellectual arguments about competing positions take a break, take a step back, and analysis the S and W components. If in fact you are successful in finding them (they are there) you might realize that finding a common ground is the most appropriate course. And in Nature’s way the truly enlightened know balance is the key to everything…

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Business Acting vs. Political Acting

So you want to know what the real difference in politics’ is huh? Are you sure? Because it’s always been right in front of you if you looked at it through the eyes of a former corporation wanna-be. The democrats act like bureaucrats and the republications act like business people.

Yes I know this over simplifies one of the current issues in the democratic ranks, that to act like a lawyer is the way to go. But you also might notice that sense the party elected its current two leaders (Hill and Bill (And yes that is the right order)) whom are both lawyers, they have consistently lost elections. I will discuss more on this at a later date.

The arguments that we see on TV and in articles (Net and old MSM) are clearly drafted by two groups who don’t operate on the same plane. Business people must move forward, they must set reasonable goals, they must execute plans to meet objectives, they must be accountable for the work completed, in other words they must accomplish things. Bureaucrats on the other hand are more interested in committee work, programs without goals, execution of work by somebody else, results that are modified to fit more committee work, the list is too long to finish but I think you get the idea.

Now some of you might argue that recently some very big corporate types have started “buying” their way into the Democratic Party. And yes that does look like a business deal when you buy something for the purpose of using it to meet your goals. I think a different dynamic is at work and it scares me a bit as for many years the democratic faithful have said that the Republican party is “owned” by corporate America. Now it seems like the Democratic party has learned that being bought isn’t such a bad idea, and of course they wouldn’t let corporate America buy them (HA!), but rich people can buy a piece of the democratic party without much of a fuss these days from the people who are “protecting the working class” American’s!

So now both sides can look at the other and say, “You’ve been bought!”. The only question I have for you is, whom do you want to own the government? It’s a tough question so I advise you to not think to quickly, not jump to a conclusion to quick, step back and take a breath. I think if you look through Nature’s “eyes”, you too will see the right answer…

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Monday, May 9, 2005

Disney’s 50 Years and what it means to a little kid from Canoga Park

We didn’t have the best in childhoods with regards to the normal nuclear family of the 50’s and 60’s. We had alcohol, divorce, more alcohol, and then another marriage to an alcoholic. My mom raised her 3 boys as best she could and did a great job, all things considered. But no matter what problem we we’re dealing with, like little brother taking a pair of scissors to Mom’s cash after she cashed her weekly paycheck (talk about a full blown panic!!), man when it came Disneyland time it was all good.

E-Ticket rides, walking in the street, parades, fireworks, all night running your heart out to see the next ride, it could never of been better for a little boy and his brothers. It was our gateway out of the current mess no matter what the mess, when Mom said Disneyland, we escaped to a land that knows no time, no sorrow, just pure happiness. And on “Litton” night (our Uncle worked there), no ticket books were needed and no crowds, we ran from ride to ride all night and I thought at the time it was the coolest thing, period!

My Mom knew that times were tough back then but she also knew we needed to have some fun. And she worked hard and put up with more than I can imagine (well know that I’ve raised 3 kids, maybe I can imagine!) to see our smiling faces light up and enjoy the night. I can’t remember how many times we went but it was enough, enough to share that vision of Disney, that magical feeling found only in a magical kingdom, built for the little boy in all of us. And if you can’t understand that regardless of your age, how truly sad that must be…

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Sunday, May 8, 2005

Mother's Day

I love mother's day for many reasons, but most of all becuase I love my mom!!!

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Monday, May 2, 2005

The Teacher Union’s Assault on California

Boy, when it comes to spending money on advertising demanding more money, no one, and I mean NO ONE, can top the effort under way in California. I mainly watch sports on TV these days, it’s mainly background noise while on the computer, and I can’t go more than a few minutes without an attack ad about Arnold not “giving them the money they we’re promised”.

Money, Money, Money, that’s all I ever see. I have never seen an AD saying how the Union helps our kids, helps teachers, etc. It’s all about the money. In case none of you have worked in Corp America, or even if you did and hadn’t worked with the marketing department let me explain a few things to you. First of all marketing dollars are usually bigger with bigger corps, and they are highly political and fighting for them can be extremely political. If you’re “in” you get the dollars, if not, you beg and hope!

So we know that this huge amount of money being spent by the Teacher’s Union is a true reading of the inner mindset of those in control. They look at our Tax dollars as the target and continue to attack, with out regards for those their paid to protect, and those who are supposed to be protected don’t get to educate those they are paid to educate, has anyone ever heard of a more corrupt cycle? Not if you care about kids you haven’t.

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