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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Weak get weaker

Durbin, Fonda, Churchill, Kerry, Kennedy, Hillary, Reid, Pelosi, Allen, etc…
If this is the muscle of the Democratic Party, our two party system is in serious decline and we cannot allow this.

The two party system does not exist for the purpose of political careers and money grabbing. Its main purpose is to allow competition to drive the political aspirations of the US going forward, without competition the US as a whole will get weaker.

Democrats, please find some strength, somewhere, somehow…

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Polls and Stat - "A-ticians"

OK we’ve been through this before; polls are not scientific methods of gauging the population at larges feelings about whatever the topic is pretending to be. This “magic” of the Stat “A-ticians” is more of a sign on their business that says in no un-certain terms, need a result to market your idea, Come on in!!

No serious scientist considers an extrapolation from 1,000 people to 350 million people to have a margin of error less than 80-90 percent. It’s a plain and simple marketing tactic that appeals to individuals whose thoughts are so weak and so void of facts that they need marketing to get some traction for their ideas.

Believing a pollster after the last few elections where its clear to all but the worst of partisan hacks that polls are usually off the mark even in a two person race, I mean how much of an error can one make when only two variables are in play? Ask a sports bookie which is easier to handicap, a race of 18 horses or 2?

The news organizations are the “johns” to the poll companies “whores”, it’s that simple, unless of course you're in need of a marketing “fix”…

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Monday, June 27, 2005

So you want to know real political power?

First rule of Politics, no matter what side of the debate you’re on, make sure you disguise the debate as anything but what it really is, a struggle for power. If you think it’s about anything but power keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

Second rule of politics, when the people don’t do what you want go to court and get the “right” judge to over rule the public will and set a “precedent”. This is the current De Facto standard for politic power debates and it’s crystal clear.

Want proof you say, cool. Look at the last 10-20 bills passed by Congress, most get no coverage and the rest get some level of politically correct opinion pieces cut and pasted on the “news” pages or “news” TV channels. But let the SCOTUS make some rulings and you have the entire spectrum of political activists ranting, raving, working themselves into extremely complex knots to deal with the results of those highest of high rulers of the land.

It is un-deniable that the rule of law has over taken the rule of the majority in our process and unless we do something about it soon their will be no turning back.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Response to Comment on California War Post

Hmmm, cheap shot = strike 1, missed point of post = strike 2 (post was about Teachers Union), equates dissing Teachers Union with dissing Teachers = strike 3, must be a union clown...

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Just when you thought the Vote Industry had hit bottom...

As I posted awhile back having Jimmy Carter verify elections is an embarrassment to the US. And at the time I thought the next verifier after Jimmy and the EU would be an Alien, boy was I wrong.

The Vote Count Industry found someone who though not an Alien, in the Star Trek world, nevertheless has no clue about the human experience. I doubt any normal person would be so "brilliant" as to send Senn Pean on a mission to validate a voting process. At least Bono has a brain and a sense of direction but Sean Penn, clueless...

When will these types learn that "celebs" bring the MSM to an event but unlike in the old days, everyone knows when you need a clueless clown to hype an event its because it's full of itself and nothing more...

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

General Stuff - Politics, Weaklings, Courage

Politics, Durbin bites the dust in his emote driven apology which served as nothing more than a reminder about how spineless and weak the opposition to the US has become. The hate America crowd knows nothing about fact but googles (hint hint) about lies and emote driven wimps. The question is no longer will their be another self-imploding weakling displayed, but whom is next, how long will they hold the spotlight, and how many crock tears will they shed. I wonder if they all now are forced to go the the Clinton School of Crying???

Weaklings, rally the troops and or take your ball home, but, what if you no longer have a home? The weak are generally more scared than stupid and this drives most of their emote driven wimpeness. The weak always come together under pressure but as their nature requires they cannot act in strength, just further and increased displays of weakness, and maybe you we're expecting something else? You need to stay firmly planted and realize that weak is weak, they have no chance of acting otherwise, that is Nature's rules and they aren't up for disucssion.

Courage requires that we understand the weak, but we must never become like the weak. And yes now and then we have to take the weak over our knee and spank a little reality into them. Becuase if we don't, then what we really have to worry about scares me bigtime, we all might not have a home to come home too, think about that next time you think about acting weak, OK?

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

California Braces for all out WARFARE!!!

Let’s see if you can guess which of the following the catalyst is;

1) Earthquakes
2) Illegal Immigration
3) Democratic Politicians
4) The Bay Area Rich White Female Senators
5) MJ Juror found brain-dead along with the DA
6) Los Angeles’s new mayor wants more “diversity”
7) The Teachers Union is pissed

I wonder how many of you guessed number 7 from that long and focused group of societal engineers. You might want to put your papers away, turn off your local and national news TV channels, and start reading BLOGS to get a true idea of what’s happening.

The Teacher’s Union is raising dues to fund $50 million plus TV ad program to attack anyone who dares not give them all the money they want, HOW DARE YOU! Don’t you know who they are? Don’t you know they control your child’s life and quality of life through the education system closed to all competition to ensure complete and total corruption? Whoops I meant to say the educational system that works to help us all.

What do they do for you, you might ask? Well how about this list;

1) Allow idiot bureaucrats to earn comfortable livings doing as little work as possible. What do these people “work” on you might ask? They argue and vote day in and day out on inserting societal issues into the classroom. How foolish of you to think they actually focused on educating the children, how silly indeed!
2) They work on ensuring the process has no competition, no outside accountability, and built in job protections.
3) They spend most of their time working on Democratic policy issues since that is a direct derivative of number 2.
4) They work day in and day out to ensure that young minds are dulled and trained not to think for themselves. Sharp and free thinking minds of course would never support this system and they know it.
5) They work on intense marketing programs aimed at the weak among us and camouflage them with catchy lines like “what’s best for the children”.

And number 5 is what you will see over the next 3-4 months, the rhetoric will become more shrill on the we demand more money side, the targeting of the weak will sharpen since they know only the weak can’t see through the shrill, the inclusion of “issues” with no relevance will increase as they seek to shift the game based on the poll of the hour results, and then of course they will continue the personal attacks on anyone who opposes them because that is really all they have.

They have no logic, they have no vision, they have no care about our children, and when all you have is nothing, you attack people.

That’s all they have…

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Flag Day – Why is the Flag Important?

It’s a symbol of who we are and what joins us together. Flags and other similar “rallying” symbols have always been used and cross all nations and people. I for one have no problem showing the flag and understanding its importance.

I also don’t have a problem with the clowns who destroy our flag in an attempt to show they hate us. First it makes them easy to identify and categorize accordingly, second it shows me who I can exclude from the privileges it affords,
third it shows me their allies in our country, it shows where the weaklings are (MSM, etc…), and finally and most importantly, it reminds me that being the best requires strength to build and move forward while the rest can only whine and cry.

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News that is the “News”

So what does it take to get a missing 18 year old girl off of the National News radar? How about a 47 or so year old pedophile that happens to be famous and smart enough to pick easy victims?

The news “force” wants to be taken seriously and wants to “project” a sense of “elite” isum on one day and then on the next act like a little kid seeing a movie “star” for the first time, well which is it?

Your right if you guessed neither because all they really want is exposure and will do anything, anything, to get it. You saw these types of kids when you were growing up and you often wondered, why do they do that?

A better question today would be, why didn’t they grow up?

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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

People, You Can Vote Everyday!!

It’s not just the elections when you can vote, you can voter everyday with your hard earned dollars and your attention and focus. The Anti-American groups do this all day everyday and you need to be there as well.

Buy a Pepsi product, support an Anti-American executive team!
Support any George Soros, Ford Foundation, etc. group, you’re an Anti-American…
Listen or watch CNN, you’re an Anti-American…

The list could go on forever but you get the idea… as you’ve heard and said yourself to your children, actions speak louder than words.

Anti-American is not the same as disagreement, you can disagree on the path to protecting and nourishing the US life, but you can’t tear down America in the process. Ours is a simple rule by majority and free will not a dictatorship run by out of touch clowns, deal with it or leave.

Speak with your actions and enjoy the results. Don’t speak with your actions and beware the consequences you unleash on yourself!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Any questions? Amnesty Int. shows true colors, green

Its all about the money... Powerline link...

Amnesty Int.

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Where are the Leaders these days?

We know Nature still creates them and we know they are operating out there somewhere, somehow, but why don’t we here more about them? And when the leadership term is used, by both sides of the political spectrum, it’s usually positive for their own and negative for the other side.

The greatest tragedy in the US is the weakinization of the leadership role in society. Its under constant attack and under constant vilification by all sorts of people who should be thrilled to see leadership at work, yet its not.
Is it simple because of politics and the old media monopoly dominated by weaklings? Leadership creates news and maybe the media just got caught up in all the emotion and forgot that they provide no leadership, no movement forward, and therefore we see the tired, weak, and ignorant more than we see truew leadership.

A challenge to the New Media, BRING BACK LEADERSHIP, as the primary focus of positive reporting. You too can drive a new reality by taking a leadership role that does more that shout down old media, a role that can once again tell the story of all people who lead, not by words, not by birth rights, not by selling out, no not those types. The true leaders of Nature are not attention seekers and not all about themselves, they instead make things happen and that is where you need to be, where things are happening.

Just some food for thought… try below for a taste…



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The Old White Men of the Old Media

All the Media’s Old White Men cannot be made to look as bad as last week by any outsider, only an insider group can hurl that much self-righteous BS upon themselves and smile about it.

They claim they took down a presidency, they claim Nixon was a bad man, they claim is was all done for the good of America, they claim it is all about investigative reporting, they claim they claim they claim… in reality is was all about themselves and their own sense of hatred.

These people clearly hate and hate is clearly their primary motive. Like most people motivated by hate they use terms that completely mask their true feelings and hope no one “see’s inside”.

Whoops, Old White Men you’ve been seen to be what you truly are, old white men who hate and nothing more than hate, dress it anyway you want, your petty basic haters forever more… how sweet it is to watch Nature at work… have a nice day!!!

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Where’s is Nature’s Role in all this discussed these days?

Am I the only one who’s noticed;

Nature’s role is only discussed when Global warming comes up?
Nature’s role is only discussed when something happens to an animal?
Nature’s role is only discussed when something in space happens?

People, learn to manage your anger, manage your ego, manage your life in a way that makes sense for you, and realize that what you do can impact others and please take that into consideration for your actions…

You are not an island, you are not without fault, you are not above it all…

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