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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Jane Fonda Bus Tour and Reality Check

Does anyone really think these old and tired celebs do anything but self promotion, even when a normal person would say, how stupid can you be?

Apparently when it comes to growing old with dignity, pretty damn stupid...

Although I feel sorry for people so out of touch with reality...

How low can these types go, I'm afraid we might never find the bottom...


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Space Shuttle - Lift Off!!!

To NASA critics, *&(^*(& you!!!

Like all ankle biting followers, complain all you want...

Real people move forward...

Go NASA!!!!

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hatred in full display again...

More hatred for all to see today in London. Does anyone still have doubts that this is not about peaceful people looking to live in the real world?

This is about people of hatred using useful idiots to start their march to a world view that only they control and you and I must submit to, or be killed.

Sleep well tonight thinking about that...

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Judges and all the Fun!!!

What a blast it is watching the right and left wing go nuts today on the prospects of a new Supreme Being, whoops, I mean judge.

The left, oh my he is clearly not a change the law with the wind guy...
The right, oh my he is clearly not conservative enough...

And I love the conservative fear of a Supreme Being, "growing"...
And I love the liberals fear of a Supreme Being not having already "grown"...

Now we know why Hollywood is losing market share, theirs no way they can create scripts that can compete with the clowns in politics.. not a chance...

Enjoy the fun...

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rove – Plame vs. MSM vs. VRWC vs. …

Can anyone figure out who is siding with whom on this non-event? Does anyone really care? I mean, “who dude”, another example of the MSM and VRWC dueling on a non-event, “I mean like, how boring can you get dude?”.

As you all know MSM paper and TV distribution channels are in decline, both with consumers and with dollars, and no one really cares anymore about these battles outside of the fact they are a derivative of the “Reality” type shows. The main players are a bunch of “arguers” whose main job is to go back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth, and …

We had over a 110mm votes casts in the last prez election and the avg. number of people who tune in nightly to the arguers is 5-10 mm, combined!!
Who is kidding whom on this topic…

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hatred is now out in the open, is that good or bad?

We’ll it didn’t take long for hatred to become a normal part of the MSM’s message and projection machine. For a long time the only open hatred allowed was over politics, because as we all know, its just politics, nothing real right?

Now we have the Terrorist groups out in the open and telling the Western World we are going to kill you and take over the planet. And with each passing day these people fell like it’s completely OK to now go “mainstream” and openly explain how they will murder us.

So is it good or is it bad? I think it’s great since we have had MSM blinders on for a long time while this was building and the sooner it gets outed the better. Under ground they could achieve a certain momentum, but above ground they will find the momentum much harder to maintain, not easier. I wonder how long it will take them to figure this out.

And momentum is the key to these hate groups as hatred runs out on its own as nature continually strives to preserve strength over weakness. Right now they are gaining momentum with the low hanging fruit that only a media push could generate. But once those low hanging fruits kill themselves off the momentum will fall off and what might we ask will they turn to after that?

Flying under the radar and not being detected is one thing, flying above the radar and winning the fight is a completely different matter because in the end, nature produces more strength than weakness and hatred is pure weakness, plain and simple…

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Monday, July 11, 2005

What the Supreme Court fight is really about

So you think the make-up of the courts boils down to a fight between originalist and living constitution types? Well you are right to some degree and we won’t delve into the Justice Economy issues which are at the heart of a great deal of our problems today but that’s for another time.

But I think we have a very interesting side issue resulting from the Senates role in the process. And the question I have for you is thus, what is the real purpose of the Senate? Some of the senators are as old or older than the judges and yet they still get elected every 6 years well beyond their usefulness.

It’s clear that the Senate now thinks it’s the launching pad for presidential types, MSM TV time for big mouths, for pledging allegiance to special interest groups and other money streams, but, who and what drives this process?

What we really have on display is the Demo and Repub machines and how they operate. So you might ask, why do they target the Senate? Well it’s clear these races are the most costly next to the prez and some governor jobs, and their are only a 100 of them no matter what, so the rule of numbers comes into play. Its an opportunity to focus your money and energy maximizing your profit opportunity. The manufactured high costs keep out the vermin!

Note: The House of Reps doesn’t count anymore since they redistrict themselves into safe zones and the race process is very different under those conditions.

The Supreme Court fight continues to finish the job the Clintons started sometime ago, to piss off enough voting Americans to demand transparency into the government process. Does anyone really think Byrd and Kennedy are speaking for themselves? Really, they are given the talking points and they read from them, just like you, I, or Dan Rather could, and do whatever their handlers want them too.

The machines need to be outed and forced transparency needs to be the rule of law in our government, then things would get interesting…

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Whom do you want to respond to your cry for help?

OK, so your under attack by some group, insert hate group name here, and now you start to wonder, what do I do?

You have two choices or maybe a combo of the two, try and help yourself, or call for a local response team. If you’re unarmed and the hate group can easily over power you then your only choice is to try and get a call off for support.

So imagine your call for help is answered and the operator informs you help is on the way, you feel relieved for a quick second and hope they arrive soon. In a few minutes they pull up and engage the hate group.

Just when you think things are getting better boom it hits you, the response team sent is lead by Alan Colmes, Sean Penn, and Barbara Boxer!

You first thought is to think you’ve been sent to hell, your second is to think why are they here since they clearly have no capability to deal with any situation outside a tea party?

And just as your about to write your life off you notice an opportunity, the hate group is laughing so loud at the response team your able to slip out the back and head for the hills!

Talk about a nightmare…

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

You Must Be Kidding Live Ate!!

I guess it was to be expected, the celebrity fawning, the faux intelligence on display, the oldest rockers on the planet, sluts’ right next to royalty, must be a show to help someone!!

I often wonder why these usually very rich “celebs” aren’t donating their entire fortunes to help with Africa? I wonder why they are not down there “living” with the people, helping them one step at a time? I wonder why it’s important for them to tell me to send my money to Africa when my government already takes a lot of my money and sends it all over the world?

Oh yes I forgot, they are helping educate me! The lead slut, who by the way had to move to Europe to avoid walking down the street here and having every other guy wink at her for past favors, wants to start a revolution! Yea baby, only you can go from real slut to underground slut and pretend to be legitimate after a few ghost writers pen some children’s books for you. And you’re going to educate me on what? Soft public porn? Single digit IQ philosophy? Yea baby, let them eat Cake is surely the way to solve the problem, yea baby!

As usual, avoiding the real problem and grandstanding triumphed at this thoughtful yet incredible stupid attempt at solving a real and scary problem.

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