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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

How scary is it?

I lived through a hurricane in the early 60’s, Audrey 1963, in Beaumont Texas, it was a CAT 1 and dumped huge rain, luckily eveyone in that part of Texas had boats, and the wind was minimal.

We lived in San Antonio and had a Tornando go right over the house and luckily for us it didn't touch down near us but the sound was just like a locomotive rolling on down the tracks, scary stuff to say the least.

I have lived through two very close to where I was earthquakes, in the San Fernando Valley, when I was a bit older and also got lucky.

And for a nun-nature scary thing, a friend and I were robbed with a shotgun in our face once but we got lucky and we're not shot.

The worst part of a natural disaster (or a people made disaster) from a normal person’s viewpoint is being scared while the event is happening. You have ZERO control and what happens to you will happen. If your lucky enough to survive then you go through the shock of the event, and then hopefully to re-establishing some level of control in your life.

When judging our fellow Americans, please remind yourself what it’s like to be scared and don’t judge to harshly since 99 percent of us don’t do very well when scared. If you’ve ever been scared, I mean really scared, you know what I mean. Add to that the fight to regain some level of control in your life and you have a real mix of feelings that put all humans at their worst, which includes you and me…

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So how bad is politics now?

Democrats and Republicans use a weather disaster:

1) To shout at each other (does self serving come to mind to you too?)
2) To complain about whom causes a weather disaster (How blankity blank arrogant and ignorant can you be at the same time?)
3) Make looting about class warfare (it’s called crime who cares what class?)
4) Make looting about racism (it’s called crime who cares what race?)
5) Judge whom is doing the best (Do you have to judge everything?)
6) Critic every mistake as a negative (How about a learning moment?)

I could go on but I hope you get the idea, if not, how ignorant and arrogant are thee?

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Katrina and Nature

Nature is once again reminding us of who has the real power. The best we can do is survive, learn, and be better prepared for the next one.

Remember, storms, earthquakes, asteroids, etc. are Nature’s way of telling us we are not in control of all things, and in fact we are in control of very few things.

Where and when did we forget about the survival of the human species and turn all of our focus to the quality of the here and now?

What have we really done to protect ourselves from Nature? I’m afraid the answer is embarrassing. Maybe if we stopped fighting amongst ourselves and turned that energy towards survival of the species we would stand a chance, a small one, but at least our BEST chance.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Top 10 List: What to do about gas prices?

For Left Libs:
10. Swear off private jets for a few years
9. Reduce plane trips to Europe or “over seas” to less than a 100 a year!
8. Cut the SUV fleet to under 10
7. Reduce the entourage by 50% (or less than a 100)
6. Try to dine “out” less than 6 times a week
5. Drink “latte kjhkjhjg blah blah blah” at home
4. “Let” your kids walk or ride a bike to school
3. Cap travel to parties and social gatherings to 20 a week
2. Reduce climate control in the 20+ rooms not used in the mansion
1. Don’t drive to Crawford Texas

For the rest of us:
4. Slow down
3. Carpool – It’s fun! (Sometimes!)
2. Drive smart
1. Drive less

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Monday, August 22, 2005

TV and Missing Children

Imagine this: a TV channel devoted to one thing, Missing Children

You might have thought it was impossible to combine reality TV and kids in one TV show without harming children, but you’d be wrong if you did. Think about such a show that is all about the kids, for the kids, and dedicated to helping the kids.

If the missing teen in Aruba, the Amber alerts, the Megan laws, Bill O’Reilly’s on-going “don’t let the judges free predators” drive, and on and on, mean that we all care about these missing children a lot more than old MSM thinks, let’s have a show just for them. The finding of the Idaho kid was because the waitress remembers the kid from the newspaper, imagine the success of burning into millions of Americans minds the missing children faces and hopefully this will become the norm, not the exception.

That’s right, a Cable TV station with 24 hour a day stories on missing children, progress in cases, and primetime shows when we have success. I imagine, as a parent of 3, that losing a child would be devastating and that finding that child would be incredible. The coverage could have many angles, hot cases, on-going cases, cold files, milk cartons, predator updates, etc.

Now I know a lot of you worry about the political “use” of the channel by the typical race, age, and gender discriminators, like the MSM and other groups that perpetuate the discrimination industry (think US Gov and your tax dollars to name one). But I think if the real backbone (of all nations by the way) of the US comes together, the parents and children of the US, then we could overcome those offending types and make it work.

And I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of anything better than helping children.

Think about it…

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Friday, August 19, 2005

I’m Mad as Hell and not going to take it anymore!!!

What blankety blank dumb a&& thinks that anyone, without a soul full of hate, and I mean anyone doesn’t support equal rights for all people, regardless of their gender, race, or other government supported anti-American category?

Get a grip on reality, all of those tired 60’s fads are long over and only practiced by useful idiots and the US government or other economies that require government supported anti-American categories for their jobs. No one and I mean no one can change that.

I support equal rights for all Americans, end of line.

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Extremism attracts Extremism

Nature abhors a vacuum and so it is with the extremist among us. I now understand, after years of trying to figure it out I might add, what the extreme left means by “Globalisum”. It’s a very subtle connection that can only be found in obscure “news” sources like the NY Times, Wash Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.

Globalisum means that all of the screaming, crying, weakly, cry babies sound off at the same time. They are demanding attention from their mothers and damm it we should understand that and try to “understand” them.

And I promise that as soon as someone changes their diaper I will give them my un-divided attention, for at least a couple of seconds, then re-insert their thumb in their mouths and watch them fall asleep for their afternoon nap.

So their… nice guy aren’t I? :)

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Media Circus Summer 2005

ROFLMAO Category:

Sheehan – A parent who lost a child in the war, whoops the special feelings only a mother can have, has absolute authority to say anything they want, as long as it’s against the war. I often wonder why one of the outcomes of the gender wars is not the realization that Dads love their kids just as much as moms, every bit as much, end of line.

Air America steals from Kids and the media looks the other way. Like above, you must remember the media thinks about kids the same way a politician does, how can we use them, end of line.

Howard Dean and a lot of socialist useful idiots, think woman were better off under Saddam. Rape rooms, killing husbands, sons, and fathers are bad, but not real bad. But live under the rule of Islam and they might as well be dead themselves. Alas I thought that Islam was a cool religion and was a socialist’s wet dream. Well, which is it?

LMAO Category:

US Government Bigwigs have a month off (like Europe huh!!), yet the only complaints we hear are about the prez taking a month off. Yes no media bias, none what so ever…

Global warming, global cooling, global UN scam, any guess which is real???

SCOTUS nominee is too conservative, is not conservative enough, is completely known, is totally unknown, and we wonder why the US gov can’t get anything done… well I don’t.

Grandma had breast “searched” for “Buxom Buster” bomb and ACLU sues NYC for allowing search plans to target individuals who are within a 90-95% match of all known terrorist associated with Islam.

Names that mean the opposite;

American Civil Liberals (court mandated) Union,
Planned Parent (in the) Hood,
Americans Coming Together (power for me and useful idiot status for you!),
Air (head) America,
The New (Lost) York Times,
Mainstream (trout moved out long ago) Media,
Howard (I have a scream) Dean,
Rainbow Coalition (no white colors allowed),

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Responses to a Comment - Jane Fonda and the War

A reader informs me that Jane really does feel she is doing the right thing. And that she is doing what most people won't do, speak up opposing the War. Must be a Fonda fan because we all know the only thing Fonda likes is publicity. For the last few years she has done anything and everything to get her face and name in the news. Jane doesn’t exist to me as an American, she is another useful idiot living in the US but completely incapable of understanding the US. And the comment about the War being just a quest for Bin Laden is also off the mark.

Sometimes I wonder if the defenders of such things have any ability to intellectually challenge their own thoughts, investigate, analyze the results, and make an informed decision based on the facts, not the Kool-Aid.

The War is about militant Islam wanting to rule the world through violence. It’s not Bin Laden’s alone, there are 1,000’s of Bin Laden types who will continue on long after he is dead. As I said in an earlier post, if you want that way of life, move to a nation that lives that way. Just remember that in that nation if you speak out against the rule of Islam, they kill you. Cheers…

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Senators, the lying truth!!

Why is one of the highest ranking elected bodies in our system allowed to lie without cause for concern? Why are facts not relevant to them? Why can they spin just like some idiot newscaster or Jon Stewart – Michael Moore and pay no price? Why?

And I don’t want to hear how it’s just politics, or it’s just part of the game, or it’s just what we’ve always done, or it’s just…

This is serious business and if I lie at my job I’m fired…

Why Senators???

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Attacks at the Govenator, Part II

Well it is round two of the California Public Unions attack on Arnold, aka someone trying to reform their Garden of Eden. The commercials will no doubt pick up as the election gets closer but it’s interesting to see them spend money on the slowest news time of the year and months before the election. This is going to be one expensive fight for the Unions.

But don’t fret dear young socialist, they have very deep pockets, very deep and well connected. I wonder if they get lower air time prices with their connections, and I wonder whom would investigate that if they did, but alas I must return to reality and the fact that everything above is “owned” by one party in CA and is a self enclosed circle of buds!

The first set of attack ads featured “cute 30s-40s” something FEMALE teachers saying that Arnold lied and they died, whoops I meant stole their annually budget increase and won’t give it back. We all know this to be a lie but in politics, who cares? And of course the teacher displayed is completely “PC” and therefore so heart wrenching that we ach with agony watching her dis the gov.

The second set of ads running now are the firemen, interestingly enough played by “cute 30s-40s” FIREMEN looking oh so concerned and driving home the point that they are under personal attack because the gov is not doing exactly what they want, read More Money!

I’m sure the Police Union ads will be the third set of ads along the same lines as above using both “cute 30s-40s Female and Male” police personnel complaining about, you guessed it more money!

The Unions are so spoiled in CA that it almost takes your breath away. They don’t hesitate to threaten our children’s schooling, our houses on fire, and our public safety via the police to get their point across. I don’t know if it’s this way in other states but the CA Unions are spoiled (Grey Davis was a godsend to them) and very very dangerous.

Government Unions might be the 2nd most dangerous entity in America very closely behind the legal system. And if that doesn’t scare you baby, keep drinking the kool-aid and pray little socialist pray…

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Monday, August 8, 2005

Air America chickens come home to roost! How many others are their out there?

Sometimes reality is just so sweet and as always with Nature, right in your face. Here we have this obviously poorly run corporation stealing money from kids and seniors and using those funds to over pay the clown patrol trying to run the place.

Now if the left is consistent they will find a fall guy, jettison that person (usually a white male), and blame everything on him and ensure everyone that now, yes now, everything is just fine.

The MSM will stay silent unless the fall guy breaks silence and they will quickly move on to over hype non-existent stories bashing conservatives. And you say will the fall guy break his silence? Well not if he ever wants to work in that city again, right? He got his loans, will take the heat, and turn up a few years from now doing something just as dishonest with public funds but hopefully for his sake he won’t be as stupid as this time, but he will surface.

How much do these liberal leaning “government funded” groups actually siphon off from the tax fund pipeline and use on themselves and not on the intended recipients? How many have huge salaries and zero workload and complain about anything that doesn’t expand their power base?

It’s a self feeding frenzy on the left (for 40+ years) and what scares me is the right is not trying to stop it anymore, it wants its own taste of the tax pipeline. Must be one helluva an addicting taste…

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Judge Roberts and Politics

Well now that Congress is on their yearly, month long (wish you had one of those eh??), vacation the news on the Roberts nomination has slowed a bit. So you might ask, what are they doing with all of this time?

Their staffs are busy searching for information and preparing for a “public relations war” not to do what’s best for the country as they will say but to maximize their TV time and reel in the angry left donation dollars!

They will trot out the old stand bys and the Democratic wing of the MSM will rejoice with all the “heated” / “vital” and important efforts to ensure no one even thinks about over turning Roe vs. Wade!

The bottom line to our courts is rooted in the belief that un-popular practices must be implemented by the courts. Judges routinely break their vows and legislate from the bench.

Now that would be interesting, let’s forget Roe vs. Wade and focus on judges who legislate and what the public can do about that. Now that would really scare the left and it’s legends of judges / lawyers.

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